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Analysis of the Market Scale and Development Trend of Automobile Wire Harness

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The Car's "Life Blood" —— Wire Harness

Automobile wire harness is the "blood of life" of the automobile, the network main-body of the automobile circuit, and one of the important components of the automobile electrical appliances, which is responsible for the power transmission, signal transmission and control of the automobile. Compared with ordinary wire harness, because of the special requirements of the automobile internal environment (such as vibration, high heat, low temperature, friction, oil and electromagnetic radiation, etc.), the automobile wire harness has special requirements —— having capabilities such as heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and electromagnetic interference and other functions, to ensure the safety of automobile driving.

At present, with the support of national policies, with the development of intelligent and electric automobile technology, a new era of electric vehicles and intelligent vehicles has arrived, and the demand for automobile wire harness products is also increasing year by year.


Vehicle Wire Harness’s Structure Diagram Source: ForceInstitute

Automobile Wire Harness Market Scale and Its "Bright" Future


The market size of automobile wire harness is greatly affected by national policies, intelligent and electric vehicles, and automobile sales volume.

1. With favorable national policies, automatic driving car is the future development trend of vehicles, and the demand for on-board Ethernet wire harness and connectors and coaxial bundles related to automatic driving will increase with the increase of car sales.

In March 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued the "Classification of Automobile Driving Automation" standard, based on the degree that the driving automation system can perform the dynamic driving tasks, according to the role allocation in the implementation of dynamic driving tasks, the automobile automatic driving can be divided into six levels. The L0 level system only provides the early warning function, and the vehicle control is completely controlled by the driver, so it is an auxiliary early warning. The L1-L2 level system can take over a small number of discontinuous vehicle control tasks and falls within the range of high level assisted driving (Advanced Driving Assistance System, "ADAS" or "assisted driving"). The L3-L5 level system can perform continuous driving tasks under certain circumstances after activation, which belongs to the scope of autonomous driving. Among them, L5 level fully autonomous driving technology is subject to technology, regulations, policies and other factors, and its short and medium term feasibility is low, while L4 is a high-level autonomous driving level with high feasibility and strong landing ability under the current technical conditions.


Photo source: Autohome Car

In November 2020, the ministry issued the intelligent made car technology roadmap 2.0, is expected to 2025, China L2 and L3 level intelligent made car sales will account for more than 50% of the total sales, C-V2X terminal new car assembly rate will reach 50%, plan to 2035, China solution intelligent made car technology and industrial system built, made type highly automatic driving intelligent made car large-scale application.(The above two paragraphs are sourced from: Zhihu "Future Library”’s article)

What we can foresee is that: in the future, we can see more and more intelligent cars on the road, and the corresponding car wire harness market is also "a positive".

2. The higher the degree of automobile intelligence and electrification, the larger the market scale of automobile wire harness. According to Asserts Strategic Market Research data, the global automotive wire harness market will be $46.82 billion in 2020, and Asserts Strategic Market Research expects the market size to reach $74.46 billion in 2030 and a CAGR of 4.75% from 2020 to 2030.

The intelligence and electrification of the automobile are the main reasons for the growth of the automobile wire harness market:

A. With the development of intelligent and electric vehicles, the configuration and upgrade of the intelligent IVI system and ADAS system are bound to increase the demand for cables and connectors to connect the electronic system;

B. In addition, the total amount of automobile communication data has increased significantly, the data transmission speed and immediacy requirements will also increase, and the market demand for high-speed data cables and high-speed connectors will also increase substantially;

C. At present, the communication mode of on-board Ethernet has been rapidly developed since the application of BMW Ethernet wire harness in 2005. In the future, the on-board Ethernet technology is expected to continue to upgrade and iteration, and the on-board Ethernet wire harness and connector are expected to welcome the space for volume increase.

3. The better the car sales volume, the better the car wire harness market; and vice versa. Although the total sales volume of vehicles in China in 2017-2021 shows a decreasing trend, with the development of China's new energy vehicle industry, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China keeps rising, and the new requirements of new energy vehicles on automobile wire harness objectively increase the new sales volume of automobile wire harness (please see the size of China's intelligent driving market in 2020-2023).


Photo source: Zhihu "Future Library”’s article

About Zhaolong Interconnect and Zhaolong’s Car Wire Harness

Founded in 1993, Zhaolong Interconnect is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing data cables, dedicated cables and connection products. The company was founded nearly 30 years ago, silent work and little-by-little accumulation, with core technology and products’ development closely following the Ethernet technology’s changes. So far, Zhaolong’s products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with a wide range of applications in 5G communication, cloud computing, data center, smart city, industrial automation, Internet of vehicles, smart home, special applications (medical, photovoltaic, lithium, wind energy, maritime ships, rail transit, nuclear power, aerospace) and other fields.

At present, Zhaolong LongCar® series products include on-board coaxial cables, on-board HSD cables, on-board SPE cables and other automotive data communication cable and cable assembly products.


Automotive Data Communication Cables’ Application System

Zhaolong’s LongCar® vehicle coaxial cable mainstream products: RG 174, RTK031, RTK044 support 6G transmission rate.  Perfectly suitable for Fakra connector,  Zhaolong’s LongCar® vehicle coaxial cable products can be applied in the car audio, video, communication signal transmission.  And Zhaolong’s LongCar® On-board SPE cable products can cover 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 25 Gbps transmission rate, which can meet the TC9 test of Open Alliance Alliance and mainly used in automotive Ethernet interface connected to ECU, equipment, switches and accessories.  In addition,  Zhaolong's HSD products are high-speed data transmission cables used in the automotive industry.  Zhaolong's HSD cable products adopt four-star stranded structure design, aluminum foil and tin copper shielding to ensure excellent EMC performance, which can be applied to in-car infotainment systems.

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