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23 November 2023
Good News| Zhaolong Interconnect Won the Honor of 2023 "Zhejiang Standard "

Recently, the "Made in Zhejiang" standard T / ZZB 0897-2018 "High-speed Parallel Transmission Symmetrical Cable and assemblies" led by Zhaolong Interconnect was recognized as the "Zhejiang Standard" in 2023. High-speed parallel transmission symmetric cables and assemblies are key assemblies in the fields of 5G, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields, and Zhaolong Interconnect is one of the earliest ...

22 November 2023
Zhaolong High-quality Gigabit Ethernet Cable Assemblies, Adapted to the Machine Vision System, Help the Industrial Automation

Under the background of encouragement and promotion of national policies and digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, China's intelligent manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. With the continuous improvement of machine vision system technology, the degree of automation of industrial manufacturing will get greatly improved. As an efficient, stable, safe and reliable data transmission mode —— industrial Ethernet cable has a broad market prospect and has the possibilities to become an important support in the field of industrial production. In the process of helping machine vision and enabling intelligent industrial automation, of course, there definitely needs Zhaolong’s high-quality GigE Gigabit Ethernet series solutions and GigE Gigabit Ethernet cable series solutions. GigE Ethernet cable series solutions are designed for machine vision systems / industrial cameras...

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22 August 2023
Advanced Driver Assistance System Said to the "Vehicle Ethernet": "We Have to Rely on" You" Then!”

With the support of national policies, with the development of intelligent and electric vehicle technology, a new era of electric vehicles and intelligent vehicles has arrived. The rapid development of intelligent electric vehicles has put forward higher requirements for the "on-board network", including: higher bandwidth, faster transmission rate, smaller outer diameter, higher flexibility, better cost-efficiency and so on. These requirements seem to be a big problem for ... Compared with the traditional Ethernet, the on-board single pair of Ethernet has its unique advantages. In automotive automation systems, the traditional (classical) Ethernet requires two pairs of wires to achieve data transmission rate of 100 Mbps, or four pairs of CAT 5e wires to achieve a 1 Gbps transmission rate (operating frequency of 100 MHz; each pair can send and receive data). A single pair of Ethernet can achieve a data transmission rate of at least 100 Mbps with only a pair of single wires.