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  • Intelligent Building - Enterprise Cabling Solutions

    In the future, the smart city we live in will be composed of countless smart buildings. The ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) and connection assemblies can connect various smart devices so that we can collect, manage and analyze the data generated by these devices. Generic cabling is an important

  • Data Center - Data Center Cabling Solutions

    Enterprises often build their own data center to meet rapidly changing business needs. Enterprise data centers need to meet the current and future business development needs of the enterprise. High performance, reliability, and security are key considerations.

  • Industrial Network - Industrial Ethernet Solutions

    With the emergence of Industrial Internet 2.0, it has become more and more common for industrial enterprises to build high-performance, service-quality-guaranteed and high-reliability industrial networks in their private parks. Industrial wired access and industrial wireless access are the two main

  • Smart Home - Home Bus Solutions

    How to use a simple, environmentally friendly and high-performance cabling solution to meet the needs of family members' daily life, online learning, entertainment, etc. is a key consideration for the network infrastructure in smart homes.

  • ISP(Internet Service Provider) - Internet Data Center (IDC) Cabling Solutions

    IDC service providers provide customers with basic Internet platform services (server hosting, virtual hosting, mail cache, virtual mail, etc.) and various value-added services (venue rental services, domain name system services, load balancing systems, database systems, data backup services, etc.).

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