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  • Zhaolong Assisted JiaDing "Silicon Valley" Project on the Suzhou River (Huazhu Headquarters Park Project) with the Green Information Construction ​
    At present, in terms of commercial real estate projects, Zhaolong Interconnect has contributed to Shanghai West Bank International Artificial Intelligence Center, Shenzhen Langjun Plaza, Chongqing Nanping Wanda Plaza, Sunshine City Chongqing Central Park, Sunshine City Cloud Valley Plaza, Shanghai Lotus International Plaza project, etc. .... Huazhu headquarters park is a "multi-function complex" containing H World Group’s headquarters, industry Internet research and innovation base, financial settlement center, Huazhu university (training center) and demonstration hotels, in view of this, the integrated cabling system need to have high speed, scalability, reliability, security and other characteristics, Zhaolong recommended adopting Zhaolong's S series Class E cabling system solution, S series Class EA cabling system solution and S series high density optical fiber cabling system solution.
  • Zhaolong Helped the New Headquarters Building of Tus-Design Group's New Headquarters Buildings
    Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953 as a urban and rural construction of science and technology group, taking the whole process of investment and financing, consulting, design, construction, operations and diversified the whole industry chain integrated services as the core and "the whole process consulting + project construction management + new energy double carbon + urban renewal + digital technology" as the supporting business. Zhaolong helped the construction of the new headquarters building of Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd. .
  • Zhaolong Marine Network Communication Cables, Providing A Strong Communication Guarantee for Maritime Security
    In the modern navigation field, the marine network communication cable plays a vital role. These cables are like the "nervous system" of ships and maritime workstations, responsible for transmitting a variety of key data information to support the work and lives of crew, tourists and maritime workers. They are not only the link connecting all parts of the ship, but also the key factor to ensure the safe and efficient operation of buildings such as ships and maritime workstations. In this article, we will deeply explore the definition, type, characteristics, importance and selection principles of marine network communication cables. Let's uncover the mystery of marine network communication cables and understand how they play a key role in the vast ocean!
  • “Single-mode Fiber Systems" and "Multi-mode Fiber Systems"
    Fiber optic cables and patch cords are able to accomplish tasks of long-distance and high-quality information transmission, playing a dominant role in the global telecommunication network. And as the two main ways of optic fiber communication, single-mode fiber system and multi-mode fiber system also attracted much attention.The main content of this article is the definition, operating principle and main differences between single-mode fiber optic system and multi-mode fiber optic system.
  • High-Speed Cable Solutions for PCIe® 5.0 Technology
    PCI-SIG®, the organization responsible for the widely adopted PCI Express® (PCIe®) standard, announced the release of the CopprLink™ Internal and External Cable specifications on May 1st. These specifications extended the applications of PCIe channels, including applications such as storage, data center, artificial intelligence, machine learning and disassemble memory, etc. At present, Zhaolong Interconnect already has comparatively abundant high-speed internal and external connection product solutions for server interconnection. Among them, Zhaolong's high-speed external cable solutions (e.g. SFF-1032 CDFP x16 Cable Assembly for PCIe 5.0) are mainly used in the expansion interconnection of GPU cards; and Zhaolong's high-speed internal cable solutions include...
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