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Quality concept

The quality management of our company always adheres to the principles of “quality and reliability in priority, company-wide quality assurance, emphysis on training”. Any changes that can be made shall be based on the precondition that “the changes will have no slight adverse effect on product quality”; We have established a strict system for R & D and quality control, and all products shall undergo rigorous reliability testing and environmental testing to ensure the reliability of the products; We are always devoted to improving the quality of "people" in all links of the whole process through training. High-quality talents in all aspects of product planning, design and development, product testing, procurement, production, sales and logistics are always the root of comprehensive quality control. 

Quality system certifications

Our company passed ISO9001 Quality System certification in 1998. The quality management system is currently process-oriented and combined with information systems to continuously strengthen the improvement of business process to ensure the competitiveness of the company. With the expansion of the business field, we have successively passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications, to provide a solid guarantee for continuously providing customers with products that meet quality requirements.
Barcode quality traceability system
Through the barcode system, our company has realized the barcode quality traceability for the whole process from raw materials to finished products. Information such as personnel, machine, time, raw materials, product status and inspection data can be quickly and accurately traced. At the same time, the system is of the functions such as foolproof & error-proof, reducing false detection and leakage detection, etc.
1. Through the “barcode for finished products" to achieve the traceability for the whole process from the market to the raw materials; 
2. Through the "barcode for raw materials" to achieve the traceability for the whole process from the source of raw materials to the market; 
3. Through the "barcode for semi-finished products" to achieve the traceability of any link in the middle to both ends;