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  • 2024.05.23

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  • With the support of national policies, with the development of intelligent and electric vehicle technology, a new era of electric vehicles and intelligent vehicles has arrived. The rapid development of intelligent electric vehicles has put forward higher requirements for the "on-board network", including: higher bandwidth, faster transmission rate, smaller outer diameter, higher flexibility, better cost-efficiency and so on. These requirements seem to be a big problem for ... Compared with the traditional Ethernet, the on-board single pair of Ethernet has its unique advantages. In automotive automation systems, the traditional (classical) Ethernet requires two pairs of wires to achieve data transmission rate of 100 Mbps, or four pairs of CAT 5e wires to achieve a 1 Gbps transmission rate (operating frequency of 100 MHz; each pair can send and receive data). A single pair of Ethernet can achieve a data transmission rate of at least 100 Mbps with only a pair of single wires.


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  • While data centers support the rapid development of the digital economy, it cannot be ignored that —— data centers are high-energy-consuming industries. Under the guidance and requirements of the "double-carbon" strategic goal, the energy conservation and emission reduction of the data center is imperative. As an important infrastructure for intelligent construction, the wiring system itself is not energy-consuming, but it will occupy a certain space and affect the heat dissipation. The larger the space, the greater the energy consumption of cooling for the space. Therefore, in the case of completing the same application requirements, improve the wiring density, reduce space occupation, and achieve the established goal of the data center. It cannot dispense with the...


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  • Zhaolong Takes You to the Global Metro Industry’s Innovation SummitThe 2nd Global Metro Industry’s Innovation Summit was held in Nanjing during July 27th, 2022 and July 28th, 2022. This innovation summit is planned to lead technological innovation with "dual carbon(double carbon, i.e. carbon peak an


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  • Zhaolong launches 5G Micro-base station connection solution. In response to the characteristics of the wide layout and various installation environments of Micro-base stations, Zhaolong provides a safe, stable, convenient and low-cost connection solution for the layout of micro base stations.1. Ens


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  • With the rapid development of computer network information technology, the industrial control system which takes PLC as the core is moving towards network-based direction on a large-scale. At the same time, in order to meet different needs in various industrial automation networks, the number of pro


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  • The wire diameter is half smaller than the traditional one. Faster transmission speed and less space taken up .


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  • This year is the third "National Investor Protection Publicity Day". The theme of the event is "Caring for Investors, Working Together -- Learning CPC(the Communist Party of China)’s History and Keeping the Original Aspiration, Doing Concrete Affairs for Investors". Zhaolong Interconnect has always


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  • Xi'an subways, Line 5, Line 6 Phase I, and Line 9, officially put into use at 9:30 on December 28, 2020.The rolling stock data cables of Zhaolong are used in the passenger information system (PIS) of these subways.


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  • In the cabling industry, the contest between optical fiber and copper cables has lasted for more than ten years. Nowadays, with the continuous emergence of new services such as cloud computing and 5G, the scale of data centers continues to expand, and their architecture and cabling are becoming more


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