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Established in 1993, Zhaolong Interconnect is a National High-tech Enterprise, the member of China Communications Standardization Association and the National Technology Standardization Association. 

Zhaolong has a cooperation lab on data cables and interconnects with SECRI (Shanghai Electric Research Institue) and we work with the Materials Institute of Tsinghua University on the developments of new materials.In addition, Zhaolong established a joint laboratory with Zhejiang University for Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic research.

As a representative of Chinese data cable enterprises, Zhaolong participated in the development of the international standard, IEC TC 46, for data cables. 
Zhaolong has already obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. Its products hava passed other certifications, which are certified by TLC, UL, ETL, FORCE, such as CE, CPR. And products have passed the RoHS, REACH test.
Zhaolong owns industry-leading technology research and development laboratories, and has a full range of special laboratories for physical and mechanical properties, transmission performance, environmental resistance tests, material tests, and integrated application of combustion experiment systems, which provide a strong guarantee for product design and manufacturing. Zhaolong’s laboratory has been recognized SATELLITETM laboratory by Intertek.
Zhaolong keeps up with technological revolution, and its products are widely applied to various fields such as Cloud Computing, 5G, Smart City,IoT, and AI.



Set up Deqing Cable Factory,

Supporting operator,

Provide incity communication cables


Passed ISO9001 in 1998.


Innovation leads development:

Technology Center is established for operation. 


Start the sales of LAN cables.

Products are exported overseas.

Successfully developed Cat5e and started the journey of digital communication Gigabit network


R & D of high-speed parallel cables.

R & D and production of microelectronic lines.

Mastered the technology of LONGHEATTM for high temperature cables.

The first drafted national standard for data cables was released 

Passed ISO14001.


R & D and manufacturing base of SECRI(Shanghai Electic Cable Research Institute) for data cables.

Won the title of “Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Centre”

Zhejiang Zhaolong-SECRI Laboratory for Data Cables & Assemblies was Listed

R & D of CAT6A, CAT7 and CAT7A 10G products

Development of 10 Gigabit Network


Mastered the technology of LONGSPEED® for high-speed cables.

Development of SFP+, QSFP 10G/40G products

Became the member of CCSA(China Communications Standards Association).


Enterprise-University-Research cooperation with Tsinghua University


Won the title of “Zhejiang Export Brand” 

Became the industrialization demonstration project base of National Torch Program.

Development of SFP28, QSFP28 25G/100G products  

Development of CAT8


No.1 in China for the export of data cables since 2015 

New provincial technology center and laboratory was put into use

Shanghai Innovation and Marketing Center was established.

Contribute to the formulation of IEC International Standards.


Certified by the Provincial Enterprise Research Institute. 

Psssed OHSAS 18001.


Obtained “intertek” satellite program laboratory qualification.

Drafted and formulated Zhejiang manufacturing standards for parallel high-speed cables and assemblies


Zhejiang Zhaolong-Institute of Information and Electronic Engineering of Zhejiang University Joint Laboratory for Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility, namely Hangzhou Research Institute, is listed

Join AliCloud Industrial Internet Platform 

Established Hangzhou Zhaolong IOT Technology


The R&D Laboratory (Testing Centre) of Zhaolong Interconnect has been accredited by CNAS.
Zhaolong’s R & D has had a major breakthrough in the transmission rate of high-speed cable assemblies---800G.
Public Welfare
Convey warmth to Xinshi Welfare House

Early in the morning on December 29, 2017, the staff of Zhejiang Zhaolong made a special trip to the Welfare House located in Lilin Village, Xinshi Town to console the old people. More than ten opera actors from Deqing Opera Association and Qingxi Yue-Opera Troupe were invited to present a wonderful performance of Yue Opera for more than 30 old people. Five opera highlights were arranged during the whole parformance such as "Arrogant Princess", "Bride Hunter", "The Messager", "Gold and Jade Predestined Match", "A Girl Named Jiujin" for the old people, and the performance lasted for about one hour. The splendid performance added cheers and laughter to this remote welfare house. All old people watched with relish, sometimes praised, and sometimes applauded. Everyone's face was filled with smiles. Simultaneously, Zhaolong staff also sent condolences to the elderly one by one, and sent New Year greetings in advance, wishing the elderly good health and happiness.

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    New Breakthrough, New Journey | Zhaolong Interconnect’s Marine Cables Smoothly Achieved the Certification of DNV!

    Recently, Zhaolong Interconnect successfully achieved the DNV(DET NORSKE VERITAS) certification, with a total of ... DNV is not only an authoritative and professional body recognized by the EU member states, but also a leading international certification body, operating in more than... As early as July 2022, Zhaolong’s marine cables helped the navigation of the world's largest passenger roller Moby Fantasy built by ...

    September 24,2023
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    Advanced Driver Assistance System Said to the "Vehicle Ethernet": "We Have to Rely on" You" Then!”

    With the support of national policies, with the development of intelligent and electric vehicle technology, a new era of electric vehicles and intelligent vehicles has arrived. The rapid development of intelligent electric vehicles has put forward higher requirements for the "on-board network", including: higher bandwidth, faster transmission rate, smaller outer diameter, higher flexibility, better cost-efficiency and so on. These requirements seem to be a big problem for ... Compared with the traditional Ethernet, the on-board single pair of Ethernet has its unique advantages. In automotive automation systems, the traditional (classical) Ethernet requires two pairs of wires to achieve data transmission rate of 100 Mbps, or four pairs of CAT 5e wires to achieve a 1 Gbps transmission rate (operating frequency of 100 MHz; each pair can send and receive data). A single pair of Ethernet can achieve a data transmission rate of at least 100 Mbps with only a pair of single wires.

    August 22,2023
Special Issue: Zhaolong's Tourism Welfare of 2016 -- Six days & five nights in Henan and Shanxi

"To the Nature, Condensing Centripetal Forces" Documentary of the 2016 Journey to Henan and Shanxi

Zhaolong brothers and sisters usually work very hard! To thank them all, the company prepared a big Travelling Red Envelope for the Zhaolong family for the sixth time from the end of October to the beginning of November in 2016. Marching into the Central Plain in three groups, everyone had a woderful experience to feel the magnificent natural scenery and taste the long-standing cultural landscape. Look! Colleagues are enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way ~

Our 2016 Journey to Henan and Shanxi came to an end. The Zhaolong family went northward in three groups, and spent so many beautiful days together. They were more excited than tired, with more enjoyment of the Northland scenery than uncomfort. Having been used to the fast pace in the city and the uniformity in the office, It is refreshing to roam in this natural landscape! If you are confused, if you are a little troubled, you might as well come to see the grand mountains and rivers of the motherland. Suddenly you will feel what it means to be majestic, and what is called "Fundamentally there is not a single thing, where could any dust be attracted?" Then cheer up and go forward bravely. Adjust your mindset, go back to work and continue to work hard. As the saying goes, only when there is a country can there be a family, and only when there is a family can there be a “me”. Then, we are not what we are now without Zhaolong. For work, be careful; for life, be positive; for colleagues, be united and friendly; for friends, be true and sincere. I hope everyone has the pleasure and satisfaction of his own lives, and I hope that Zhaolong's tomorrow will bring more surprises and touches to everyone. Looking forward to the next Zhaolong's journey, haha!

Traveling Around Yunnan(South of the Colorful Clouds) and Connecting to the Wonderful 
The colorful clouds mean the seven-color clouds. It was recorded in ancient documents that the colorful clouds appeared in Yunnan Province. This is the origin of the name of Yunnan Province, which is named after the South of the Colorful Clouds.

Zhaolong brothers and sisters work hard and actively, so the company has prepared the seventh travel bonus package for everyone —"Traveling Around Yunnan(South of the Colorful Clouds) and Connecting to the Wonderful World ". Zhaolong staff flew to the magnificent and beautiful Yunnan in four groups, feeling the generous gifts of nature. The six-day & five-night trip started on October 22, 2018, with a perfect ending on November 18 when the last group set foot on Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. In Yunnan, Zhaolong brothers and sisters had a tour around Kunming City with four seasons like spring, Dali City with moods of love, and Tengchong City with falling and colorful leaves, which are so beautiful.

Walking into Heshun, the picturesque scenery, beautiful mountains and clean water, weeping willows and the green whirling shadows are displayed in front of us. 

The closed, traditional and stable environment of Heshun Old Town completely retains the characteristics of Chinese cultures in Ming and Qing Dynasties and is known as the living fossil of Architecture of Ancient China. It used to be a stratigic town for caravan train of horses carrying goods and an indispensable place for the ancient "Southwest Silk Road", where a variety of foreign cultures blended together. All the caravan people are carrying on the spirit of fearless hardships and enduring hardships, and interpreting the charm of ancient pu-erh tea with their brilliant achievements again and again. Just like the spirit of Zhaolong, we have been working hard and will never stop.
Zhaolong's trip to Yunnan in 2018 was coming to an end. From Jiangnan to Yunnan, from October to November, we have felt the regional differences in the culture and climate between the east and the west, appreciating the unique features of our motherland. Accustomed to the bright lights and the high-rise buildings, we need to let go of the work and go out to wander around, to sense the beauty of mountains and rivers of  our motherland. We are on the road and we are moving forward. Come on, Zhaolong!

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