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Established in 1993, Zhaolong Interconnect is a National High-tech Enterprise, the member of China Communications Standardization Association and the National Technology Standardization Association. 

Zhaolong has a cooperation lab on data cables and interconnects with SECRI (Shanghai Electric Research Institue) and we work with the Materials Institute of Tsinghua University on the developments of new materials.In addition, Zhaolong established a joint laboratory with Zhejiang University for Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic research.

As a representative of Chinese data cable enterprises, Zhaolong participated in the development of the international standard, IEC TC 46, for data cables. 
Zhaolong has already obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. Its products hava passed other certifications, which are certified by TLC, UL, ETL, FORCE, such as CE, CPR. And products have passed the RoHS, REACH test.
Zhaolong owns industry-leading technology research and development laboratories, and has a full range of special laboratories for physical and mechanical properties, transmission performance, environmental resistance tests, material tests, and integrated application of combustion experiment systems, which provide a strong guarantee for product design and manufacturing. Zhaolong’s laboratory has been recognized SATELLITETM laboratory by Intertek.
Zhaolong keeps up with technological revolution, and its products are widely applied to various fields such as Cloud Computing, 5G, Smart City,IoT, and AI.



Set up Deqing Cable Factory,

Supporting operator,

Provide incity communication cables


Passed ISO9001 in 1998.


Innovation leads development:

Technology Center is established for operation. 


Start the sales of LAN cables.

Products are exported overseas.

Successfully developed Cat5e and started the journey of digital communication Gigabit network


R & D of high-speed parallel cables.

R & D and production of microelectronic lines.

Mastered the technology of LONGHEATTM for high temperature cables.

The first drafted national standard for data cables was released 

Passed ISO14001.


R & D and manufacturing base of SECRI(Shanghai Electic Cable Research Institute) for data cables.

Won the title of “Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Centre”

Zhejiang Zhaolong-SECRI Laboratory for Data Cables & Assemblies was Listed

R & D of CAT6A, CAT7 and CAT7A 10G products

Development of 10 Gigabit Network


Mastered the technology of LONGSPEED® for high-speed cables.

Development of SFP+, QSFP 10G/40G products

Became the member of CCSA(China Communications Standards Association).


Enterprise-University-Research cooperation with Tsinghua University


Won the title of “Zhejiang Export Brand” 

Became the industrialization demonstration project base of National Torch Program.

Development of SFP28, QSFP28 25G/100G products  

Development of CAT8


No.1 in China for the export of data cables since 2015 

New provincial technology center and laboratory was put into use

Shanghai Innovation and Marketing Center was established.

Contribute to the formulation of IEC International Standards.


Certified by the Provincial Enterprise Research Institute. 

Psssed OHSAS 18001.


Obtained “intertek” satellite program laboratory qualification.

Drafted and formulated Zhejiang manufacturing standards for parallel high-speed cables and assemblies


Zhejiang Zhaolong-Institute of Information and Electronic Engineering of Zhejiang University Joint Laboratory for Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility, namely Hangzhou Research Institute, is listed

Join AliCloud Industrial Internet Platform 

Established Hangzhou Zhaolong IOT Technology


The R&D Laboratory (Testing Centre) of Zhaolong Interconnect has been accredited by CNAS.
Zhaolong’s R & D has had a major breakthrough in the transmission rate of high-speed cable assemblies---800G.