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  • Zhaolong Marine Network Communication Cables, Providing A Strong Communication Guarantee for Maritime Security
    In the modern navigation field, the marine network communication cable plays a vital role. These cables are like the "nervous system" of ships and maritime workstations, responsible for transmitting a variety of key data information to support the work and lives of crew, tourists and maritime workers. They are not only the link connecting all parts of the ship, but also the key factor to ensure the safe and efficient operation of buildings such as ships and maritime workstations. In this article, we will deeply explore the definition, type, characteristics, importance and selection principles of marine network communication cables. Let's uncover the mystery of marine network communication cables and understand how they play a key role in the vast ocean!
  • Factory Automation
    The transmission about data of sensor,equipment,system and factory in a smart factory under Industry 4.0 is very important. Zhaolong provides customers with LONGTRONIC industrial data communication series products, covering different levels of industrial Ethernet cables and bus cables of different p
  • Drive & Motion Control
    Business background: With the development of Chinese manufacturing 2025 and Internet +, China's machinery manufacturing industry is booming, not only in the automotive industry, but also in the medical industry, machinery industry, and printing industry. However, with the rapid development o
  • Measuring & Sensing
    In modern industrial production, especially the automated production process, various sensors are used to monitor and control various parameters in the production process, so that the equipment works in a normal state or the best state, and the product reaches the best quality.
  • Rail Transit
    We provide our customers with professional internal and external cable products of rolling stock to accompany the stable operation of the whole life cycle of the vehicle.Zhaolong strictly selected for raw materials, strict requirements for electrical properties and strong R & D team, enables us to p
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