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R & D Lab
Overview of Lab
Zhaolong Lab undertakes the tasks of new product development testing and product quality testing. The laboratory has various testing capabilities such as material performance, mechanical performance, environmental performance, transmission performance, combustion performance, and system comprehensive performance, etc. The laboratory is also of the ability to test copper cable systems and components, optical cable systems and optical devices. Zhaolong Lab always pays attention to the latest technological developments in the industry and the update of international and domestic industry standards. According to the latest hotspot technology and standard requirements, the ability to test the related experiments will be established.      
The laboratory strictly follows the policies of "fair dealing, scientific method, adherence to standards, accurate measurement" to ensure that the testing process is compliant with the regulations and the results are accurate. All test data is analyzed and demonstrated through a rigorous and scientific methodology to provide data support for the research, development and quality assurance of products.
                        Honors of Lab
The experimental videos 
fluke test CAT5E CAT6 CAT6A CAT7
Measurement Test of PH Value and Electrical Conductivity of Halogenated Acid Aas
Oil resistance test
PoE temperature rise Test
Zhaolong interconnec laboratory introduction -----------------------
IEC 60332-1 Vertical Flame Test for Single Cable
Live plug in test in laboratory
Tensile Test of Zhaolong Interconnect Material Analysis Laboratory
Measurement Test of PH Value and Electrical Conductivity of Halogenated Acid Aas