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Show Express | Zhaolong Interconnect Invites You to Attend Asia Tech X Singapore

Views: 19     Author: Zhaolong Interconnect     Publish Time: 2024-05-30      Origin: Site

Known as "Asia's most representative ICT event" and "one of Asia's flagship technology events", Asia Tech X Singapore successfully opened its doors at Singapore EXPO on May 29.


Zhaolong Interconnect brought its latest products and solutions to the 3-day event, joining more than 25,000 global leaders and industry decision-makers to discuss the path to an inclusive digital future for the world.


We're in the red box "Hall 4, Booth 414-13"!

In this exhibition, the products displayed by Zhaolong Interconnect cover:

  • Data Center Cabling System

  • LONGSPEED® Ethernet High-Speed Interconnect Solutions --- including OSFP-XD 1600G, OSFP-RHS 800G, OSFP 800G, OSFP TO OSFP 800G AOC, OSFP 800G BASE-SR8/Optical Module, etc.

  • Server Interconnect Solutions --- including PCIe5.0/6.0 DA-CEM, MCIO for PCIe 6.0, CDFP X16 for PCIe5.0, etc.

  • MICROLINK® High Density Copper Cabling Solutions --- including extremely-thin patch cords(3.8mm OD), extremely-thin network cables(3.8mm OD), etc.

  • Z series MPO/MTP systems, optical patch cord solutions --- including ultra-low insertion-loss  and low-insertion optic patch cords(with 0.2dB maximum insertion loss value)

  • Pre-terminated copper cable solutions which is in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801-1, IEC 61156-5, TIA-568.2-D and other international standards.


  • Intelligent Building Cabling System

  • 10Gigabit and 1Gigabit PoE cabling systems’ multi-node link channels certification certified by Intertek

  • Modules, modular crystal heads’ single units certification certified by Intertek

  • Fiber optic application systems for 10G to 800G

  • Industrial Cabling Systems

  • LONGTRONIC® industrial Ethernet cables, fieldbus, sensor cables, and other cables and components for industrial environments with MICE ratings.

  • SPE cables for automated factories, the Industrial Internet of Things (lIoT), robotics, construction, harbor freight automation, automation in the maritime wind power & energy field, data acquisition in smart city systems , etc.

  • Industrial connectors such as SPE connectors, RJ45, M8, M12 and (metal) RJ45 fully shielded tool-free field-terminated connectors for industrial applications.

合影 展会

Catch us at Asia Tech X Singapore from 29 - 31 May 2024! Visit our booth 414-13 in the Hall 4 to talk about our future cooperation~