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Test room for high frequency

The transmission parameters of all kinds of twisted-pair cables and high-speed cables are tested in the test room for high frequency.

The transmission parameters of twisted-pair cables are tested strictly in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61156 series, TIA-568.2-D and YD/T 1019 standards per IEC TR 61156-1-2 Method. For Category 6A to Category 8 twisted-pair cables, the Alien Crosstalk performance is also need to be tested.

The transmission parameters of high-speed cables are tested strictly by reference with the requirements of IEEE 802.3 Clause 92 and 93, IEEE P802.3ck and SFF-8665. The highest test frequency of the network analyzer in the test room for high frequency is up to 67 GHz, which can meet the working frequency requirements of the 400GBASE-KR4 transmission channel at 45 GHz.