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The team building of Zhaolong Interconnect

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In late June 2020, the staff working in High-speed Interconnect Business Group, went to the Jiayun Mountain for team-building activities. Activities are centered on the theme of improving the capabilities of team collaboration, which aims to cultivate strong character, and enhance team cohesion.

On the morning of that day, the staff of High-speed Interconnect Business Group had outdoor activities called “Cosplay of Counter Strike - Winner winner chicken dinner” and “Startling by Each Step” in the Scenic Area.

 Red Team

The Red Team were in certain formations and waited

The Blue Team

The Blue Team were mobilized for the assault

the two sides

The battle between the two sides was at a stalemate

The battle between

A group photo taken after the CS activity

group photo

After lunch and a comfortable break, our staff played archery and bumper cars


Give a shot with a calm mind


We rediscovered the joys of childhood

Zhaolong Interconnect

A group photo taken after all the activities

Through a whole day of outdoor activities, new employees can quickly integrate into the team to find a collective sense of belonging, which strengthens the communication between employees, enrich the training content, and also receives good outcomes.

We are the ones who race with ourselves. For a better tomorrow, we work hard and there is no end in front. We will never stop!