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Zhaolong High-quality Gigabit Ethernet Cable Assemblies, Adapted to the Machine Vision System, Help the Industrial Automation

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On April 14, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, together with other relevant departments, drafted the 14th Five-Year Development Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing (draft for public comment). The draft sets out "two major goals", namely, by 2025, manufacturing enterprises above designated size will basically get digital transformation, and key enterprises in key industries will initially realize intelligent transformation.

Under the background of encouragement and promotion of national policies and digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, China's intelligent manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. With the continuous improvement of machine vision system technology, the degree of automation of industrial manufacturing will get greatly improved. As an efficient, stable, safe and reliable data transmission mode —— industrial Ethernet cable has a broad market prospect and has the possibilities to become an important support in the field of industrial production. In the process of helping machine vision and enabling intelligent industrial automation, of course,  there definitely needs Zhaolong’s high-quality GigE Gigabit Ethernet series solutions and GigE Gigabit Ethernet cable series solutions.

Zhaolong's GigE Ethernet cable series solutions are designed for machine vision systems / industrial cameras, which can be used to connect PC and camera to support gigabit and gigabit Ethernet, respectively. Its interfaces can support almost all standard interfaces on PC hardware and can achieve long distance transmission, thus, having wide applications.


Zhaolong's GigE Ethernet solutions have the following advantages:

1. High speed, low delay: using CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6A Ethernet cable with more than 85% braided density, the cable has strong anti-external electromagnetic interference ability, and can achieve gigabit Ethernet and 10gigabit Ethernet, i.e. high-speed rate and low-delay. It can support high-speed and stable image transmission, which greatly improves the performance and efficiency of industrial machine vision applications.

2. With various types of joints, reliable connection: at present, the GigE and 10GigE Gigabit Ethernet series cable has RJ 45(one kind is moulded and can be fixed), M12 A, IX-IX, M12 X straight-head, straight-head, elbow and other joints, camera end screws or M12 thread lock, which can effectively prevent displacement and ensure the stability of data transmission.


3. High flexibility. Its high flexibility type is especially suitable for mobile applications, which can meet 10 million drag chain applications.

4. Wide application. Zhaolong GigE Gigabit Ethernet series cable through UL certification, has a good oil resistance, cold resistance, flame retardant, its application temperature range is -40℃ ~80℃ (fixed installation) and -5℃ ~70℃ (mobile application). M12 connector can meet the requirements of high waterproof and dust-proof of IP65 & IP67 grade, and can be applied in industrial automation fields such as product quality detection, visual positioning, automatic classification and identification.

5. Support customization.

10GigE 万兆以太网系列-全金属 M12

Market Situation for Zhaolong GigE Ethernet Series Solutions

Zhaolong GigE Ethernet cable products have been widely used in the machine vision system of well-known industrial camera manufacturers at home and abroad. Zhaolong GigE Ethernet series solutions make the machine vision system faster, safer and more stable, and "escort" the production efficiency and product quality, which has won unanimous recognition and praise from the market and clients.

In the future, it is believed that with the continuous development of Ethernet technology and the research and development strength of Zhaolong Interconnect, the application of Zhaolong GigE Ethernet products in industrial automation and machine vision system will get more and more wide application.

10GigE 万兆以太网系列-IX

About Zhaolong Interconnect 

Zhaolong Interconnect  (SZ.300913) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing and sales of data cables, special cables and connection products. It is a full member of China Communication Standardization Association and a drafting unit of national standards for data cables.

With silent work and little-by-little accumulation, Zhaolong’s core technology and product development closely follow the changes of the Ethernet technologies. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and have a wide range of applications in 5G communication, cloud computing, data center, smart city, industrial automation, Internet of vehicles, smart home, special applications (medical, wind energy, marine, locomotive, photovoltaic, nuclear power, aerospace) and other fields.