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Zhaolong Interconnect Contributes to PV New Energy Industry

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Energy is the fundamental driving force for economic growth and world development, and the basis for human survival. Since the 21st century, the new energy industry has developed rapidly, especially the PV industry, which has increasingly played an important role. According to the industry statistics, the national PV power installed capacity increased by 30.11 million kilowatts in 2019, and the cumulative installed capacity reached 204.3 million kilowatts. The cable harness is required to have high weather resistance and long service life for the PV industry. Zhaolong Interconnect can provide customers with suitable solutions based on the application characteristics of the industry.


The products of Zhaolong Interconnect have been widely used in PV inverters. At the beginning of the product design, the application characteristics of the PV industry have been fully taken into account. Through the optimization of materials and the unique design of the process, the products have excellent weather resistance and good availability.

Photovoltaic inverter

1. The products have excellent UV resistance, and is still reliable and durable at high and low temperatures (from -40℃ to 105℃)

2. With excellent EMC performance, the signal is protected from being interfered by high current and other equipment during the transmission process to ensure the integrity and reliability of the signal.

3. Considering the narrow space of the container body, the engineers have made a one-to-three design, which saves wiring space to the greatest extent and facilitates customers' highly integrated design of the inverter.

4. High-quality connectors with high-quality cables are durable.


1. The cables can withstand 1000V for a long time, and is designed with high-and-low-temperature materials, so that the products can work normally from -40℃ to 105℃ for a long time.

2. The addition of fiberglass sleeving outside the cables makes the cables have better temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of high voltage breakdown of the cables, so that the products have better safety.

3. With high-quality connectors of international brands, the products are durable.


Zhaolong Interconnect is committed to becoming the world's advanced enterprise for the design and manufacturing of data cables, dedicated cables and connection products. Zhaolong Interconnect will fully listen to the needs of customers to provide them with the most suitable solution to different application conditions (such as EMI, high and low temperatures, waterproof, oil resistance, acid & alkali resistance, high flexibility, etc.) through the best design proposal and the most suitable material selection.


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