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Zhaolong Interconnect Launch A New Product -- Inner High Speed Cable MCIO PCIe 5.0 Cable Assembly

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    With the support of the national policy of "building a digital China", with the development of the Internet of Things, 5G, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the market of data center servers (including AI servers) is hot. Among them, the normal operation of the server cannot be separated from the safe, high-speed and stable data transmission, and the safe, high-speed and stable data transmission of the server cannot be separated from the help of MCIO Cable Assembly. The importance of the MCIO cable assembly speaks for itself.


In 2022, the shipments of server has reached 4.341 million units in China, and the market size increased to 188.837 billion yuan. The prosperous future of server is what you can expect ~

    There are many servers in the data center, thus leading to a lot of electromagnetic interference between the servers, which puts forward high anti-interference requirements for the fast data transmission of the server. In order to protect the data security and ensure the smooth operation of the server, in order to respond to the market requirements for the stability and high-speed of data transmission, Zhaolong Interconnect launched the MCIO PCI-e 5.0 Cable Assembly series products. With its miniature packaging and excellent SI performance, Zhaolong MCIO cable assembly which are widely used in server’s internal cable transmission can provide our clients with complete PCI-e 5.0 support (maximum rate support 56G PAM4) and better space use efficiency.

Zhaolong MCIO Cable Assembly’s features are as follows:

1.Support 30AWG 1M(long distance) application;

2. Provide customized solutions;

3. Support 30 ~ 34 AWG 85 ohm differential impedance design; 

4. SI standard complies with Internal Cable Specification for PCI Express 5.0 and 6.0 Rev0.7;

5. We can provide 4X (38Pos) , 8X (74Pos), 16X (124Pos) & 24X (148 Pos).

6.Straight head(STR)/ angle head(R/A) & Side Out(LSE/RSE);

7.The structure and dimensions are in full compliance with the SFF-TA-1016 (MCIO) standard;

8. Its rate(Mbps) supports PCI-e 5.0 32 GT/s standard, with the capability of being compatible with PCI-e 4.0;

9. Self-developed LONGSPEED™ HSC bare wire, providing low loss, high-quality SI performance.

     The MCIO Cable CONN provided by Zhaolong is as follows:


    According to the application scenario, our MCIO cable solution has Narrow-Latch, With-Pull-Tab and Anti-Oblique-Insertion solutions, as shown in the following figure:


PCI-e 5.0 MCIO 8X Cable SI Result  L= 1.0 M


P.S. In the field of communication (data center), "Insertion Loss (Return Loss)" means the loss of energy or gain when certain devices or branch circuits (filters, impedance matchers, etc.) are added to a certain circuit. Generally speaking, the lower the insertion loss value is, the better performance the cable assembly has.

About Zhaolong Interconnect

Founded in 1993, Zhaolong Interconnect is a high-tech enterprise that is specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of data cables and connecting assemblies. It is a full member of China Communication Standardization Association and a drafting unit of national data cable standards. It is one of the few enterprises in the industry that have achieved 400G / 800G connection solutions on the basis of all processes.


The development of our core technology and products have been kept up with the change of Ethernet technology. The products are exported to more than 100 countries, with a wide application in 5G communication, cloud computing, data center, smart city, industrial automation, Internet of vehicles, smart home, special applications (medical, wind energy, marine, locomotive, photovoltaic, nuclear power, aerospace) and other fields.

In response to the country's long-term goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutral" by 2030, efficient and green server (internal cable) solutions are particularly important in large data centers. In the future, Zhaolong Interconnect will also adhere to research and development as well as the manufacturing of data cables and assemblies in the field of data center, take “promoting the green, low-carbon, sustainable and high-quality development of China's data center” as the goal, increase cooperation with industry partners, and jointly welcome the arrival of the global digital era!

PS. Next week, we will have a science article introduction about PCI-e 5.0, please look forward to it!