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Zhaolong Interconnect Participated in IEEE NEMO 2020

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On December 7, 2020, the three-day IEEE NEMO 2020 conference was successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Many industry experts and university researchers attended the conference and exchanged experiences and shared their experiences. Cabling System Chief Specialist and Laboratory Director Fang He participates in this meeting.


NEMO is an annual focal event, founded by the IEEE MTT Society, on electromagnetic and multiphysics-based modeling, simulation and design for microwave, antennas & propagation, and electromagnetic compatibility (MAPE), rotating between Europe, North America and Asia. It aims to stimulate a broad exploration of disruptive technologies of EM-CAD in addition to traditional topics.


Zhaolong Interconnection is not only one of the sponsors of this conference, but also jointly published the "High-Speed Transmission Cable Performance-Simulations and Measurements" research report with the Zhejiang University team. The report briefly described the relevant principles of using finite primitive algorithms to accurately simulate high-speed balanced lines, laying a theoretical foundation for the research of next-generation 800G high-speed transmission systems.


Zhaolong Interconnect has established long-term close cooperation with several well-known domestic universities. It has not only built a Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility Joint Laboratory with Zhejiang University, but also established a scientific research and production base with Shanghai Cable Research Institute. Tsinghua University cooperates in research on materials processing technology.



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