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Zhaolong Microlink® Ultra-thin Cord, Helping the High-density Cabling Construction in Data Centers

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While data centers support the rapid development of the digital economy, it cannot be ignored that —— data centers are high-energy-consuming industries. Under the guidance and requirements of the "double-carbon" strategic goal, the energy conservation and emission reduction of the data center is imperative. As an important infrastructure for intelligent construction, the wiring system itself is not energy-consuming, but it will occupy a certain space and affect the heat dissipation. The larger the space, the greater the energy consumption of  cooling for the space.


Therefore, in the case of completing the same application requirements, improving the wiring density, reducing space occupation and achieving the established goal of the data center,  it cannot dispense with the Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cord in the development process of high-density wiring in data centers.


Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cord

 Zhaolong MICROLINK® ultra-thin cord was successfully developed in 2007. Now Zhaolong MICROLINK® ultra-thin cord series products have CAT6A(30AWG), CAT6(28AWG) and CAT5E(28AWG), etc.. Zhaolong MICROLINK® ultra-thin cord adopts miniaturized design, with its diameter reducing from normal 6.2mm to 3.8mm and with a smaller bending radius and smaller space occupancy, thus leading to a easy solution to high-density cabling in data centers.



Zhaolong CAT6A Ultra-thin Cord


Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cords Advantages

  • In the ultra-high-density cabling environment, 3.8mm cable outer diameter can greatly broaden the space for cabling and operations, thus improving work efficiency;

  • Our patch panels with 1U 24 port to 1U48 port, which can save the cabinet space cost, improve the cabling density and improve the cabling economy;

  • A larger linear space is conducive to the convection of cold and hot air inside the cabinet, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the equipment, i.e. it can reduce the refrigeration energy consumption as well as improve the stability of the equipment.



Zhaolong 28AWG Ultra-thin Cord VS. Zhaolong 24AWG Standard Cord


Is Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cord Reliable?

Zhaolong MICROLINK® ultra-thin RJ45 cord, with 100% factory test; and Zhaolong MICROLINK® ultra-thin RJ45 cord has passed the tests conducted by the third parties at home and abroad, with reliable quality and excellent performance, i.e. our ultra-thin RJ45 cords test performance and indicators meeting and higher than the test requirements for standard patch cords(our ultra-thin RJ45 cord have better performance in single mode test).



Zhaolong 28 AWG Unshielded Ultra-thin Cord’s Main Performance Parameters (Minimum Value)


Zhaolong Ultra-thin Cord’s NEXT (Crosstalk) Test Chart


兆龙极细跳线 RL(回波损耗)测试图

Zhaolong Ultra-thin Cord's RL( Return Loss ) Test Chart



You can feel relieved to buy our goods! Our goods have “Quality Assurance”~


Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cords application configuration


When using Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cords, please use the following configuration:



PC≤(103-PL)/X; PC=Maximum Length of Patch Cord; PL=Maximum Length of Link; X=downgrading factor; For 28 AWG patch cord, adopt 1.9.


Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cords' Market

Since the launch of Zhaolong MICROLINK® in 17 years, it has been shipped for more than 5 million products, which have been applied to large cloud computing, data centers of top Internet enterprises, large enterprises data centers, governments data centers and other projects. As the core suppliers of Alibaba, they have been widely applied to Alibabas (cloud computing) data centers. Making connections in high-density data centers more reliable and operations more convenient, Zhaolong MICROLINK® Ultra-thin Cords have won lots of recognition and praise from the market and our clients.