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Zhaolong’s News | Zhaolong Interconnect Successfully Passed the China Classification Society's Certificate of Works Approval

Views: 13     Author: Zhaolong Interconnect     Publish Time: 2023-05-08      Origin: www.zhaolong.com.cn



    On April 23,2023, Zhaolong Interconnect was successfully approved by the China Classification Society(CCS)'s Certificate of Works Approval, with Zhaolong’s 43 kinds of marine cables(shipboard communication cable) passing the inspection by the CCS. 


The First Page of the Certificate of the China Classification Society's Certificate(CCS) of Works Approval of Zhaolong 

     In order to get this certification,  Zhaolong’s 43 kinds of marine cables (shipboard communication cables) conducted tests of transmission frequency, attenuation and other seven transmission characteristics, flame retardant tests, extremely high and low temperature resistance tests, oil resistance(SHF2) tests and other tests which cover all the requirements of marine cables, i.e. this certification has proves that the transmission characteristics, flame retardance, extremely high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance of the marine cables of Zhaolong have met the requirements of the CCS and the IEC related standards.

     As mentioned above, Zhaolong’s marine cables can meet the requirements of the marine environment, e.g. high and low temperature, moisture, oil and flame combustion of marine cables. As early as July 2022, Zhaolong’s marine cables helped the world's largest passenger roller -- Moby Fantasy go on a voyage and all the tests were qualified at one time.  Zhaolong provides Moby Fantasy with Zhaolong’s CAT 6A and CAT 7 data cables which are in line with the American Classification Society (ABS) certification. Zhaolong’s marine cable products can meet all clients' needs for high and low temperature resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardant and other aspects, thus providing guarantee for the stable operation of the voyage of the Moby Fantasy.

     So far, Zhaolong’s marine cables have passed two authoritative certifications --- the American Classification Society (ABS) and China Classification Society (CCS) .


Zhaolong’s ABS factory accreditation certificate


Zhaolong’s ABS product accreditation certificate


What is CCS?     

CCS is certified in China Classification Society, established in 1956. CCS have cooperation with major international shipping countries, and CCS certificate is a recognized certificate in the world.

As an institution directly under the Ministry of Communications, China Classification Society is a national ship technical inspection institution which implements enterprise management. It is the only professional institution engaged in ship classification inspection business in China and a full member of the International Classification Society Association.


The China Classification Society shall, in accordance with relevant national regulations, international conventions and rules, domestic and foreign technical specifications and standards, provide entry inspection, authentication inspection, notarial inspection, certification and accreditation and other services for ships, offshore facilities and related industrial products. At present, the technical specifications and standards of CCS have reached the international advanced level.

CCS’s Significance and Role? 

With the help of professional ship technical knowledge, the classification society plays an important and unique role in the development of China's marine industry and the development of the whole national economy in China, as well as the guarantee of ship navigation safety and national security. Through the standard inspection of the ship, the classification society makes the ship meet the requirements of the government and insurers and the safety and flame retardant requirements of international standards.







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