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Ethernet Cable for Wind Power. Small Outer Diameter but Good Performance

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Ethernet Cable

With the mass construction of wind farm, many systems are also applied, such as Ethernet Control System, Video Security System, Remote Monitoring System. The construction of Ethernet Control System is critical for the safety monitoring wind turbines, improving the utilization rate of energy and the efficiency of wind turbines, and the safety monitoring of wind farms.

The environment of wind farm is relatively harsh. Requirements, which are more basic and more important, are mainly divided into the following three types:

The application environment of wind power is harsh, in which temperatures differ sharply during day and night and strong sandstorm happens frequently. Therefore, it requires cables can work at the temperature which varies from -40 to 75, and the humidity which varies from 5% to 95%, without condensation.

The electromagnetic environment is harsh, which requires Ethernet cables have a good performance on anti-electromagnetic interference and can keep no breakdown for a long time.

In order to ensure the reliability of communication, Ethernet cables are required to have a high performance on flexibility, torsion resistance, bending resistance.

Zhaolong Interconnect Technology Co.,Ltd, as a professional manufacturer in the field of Industrial Ethernet cables, has produced them for nearly 30 years. And it provides professional solutions for wind power system, and has developed cables for wind power, which have good performance on torsion resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference. Then it is effective to collect information and transfer the data for Ethernet cables.


Several common data cables used in fan are as follows:

A. PROFIBUS bus cables: applicable to the Fieldbus Control System in the cabin of wind turbine, with bidirectional transmission, serial interface and full digital automatic control signals.


B. CANBUS bus cables: applicable to the CAN Fieldbus Control System in the cabin of wind turbine.



Wind power cables are generally applied to aircraft cabin, tower and junction of box transformer.

There are several types of cables used in the aircraft cabin: flexible cables, control cables, data cables, drag chain cables (used in rotors to form loops) and communication cables.

Cables used in the tower: cloth wires (for lighting), power cables (for fixed laying and twisting).

Ethernet cables and bus cables are the competitive products of Zhaolong.

1. Professional production & test equipment, and excellent electrical performance.

2. Products with a good shielding structure, with superior EMI performance.

3. Excellent torsion resistance for drag chain.

4. Products with the characteristics of anti-vibration/shock, anti-salt spray, etc.

5. More adaptable to the environments with great temperature/humidity difference.

6. With multiple tests, making the products stable and reliable.