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Zhaolong 400G OSFP Copper Cable Solution

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With the continuous growth of data and the rise of Internet services, the rapid changes and uncertainties in IT infrastructure requirements of the emerging applications have become the main challenges, thus spawning an innovative Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (or simply referred to as "HCI"). In recent years, HCI has been in full swing, and it’s overwhelming to replace traditional infrastructures. HCI is becoming the core of data center infrastructure, and HCI technology is very mature and has been practiced and verified in various industries, which is applied in a wide range of fields. Typical application scenarios include: server virtualization, private cloud, development and testing, branch offices, VDI, big data analysis platforms, etc. Such advanced infrastructure requires higher signal speeds & bandwidth and higher density connections to meet its complex design and configuration requirements.


400G Ethernet is a huge upgrade for the next-generation network speed. System designers need high-performance and high-density solutions. Zhaolong's OSFP solution provides designers with the performance they need to meet the requirements for the design of the next-generation data center system.

OSFP cable assembly products are directly composed of eight channels, with transmission rates up to 400Gb/s (8 x 50Gb/s). To meet the needs of the next-generation data centers, these products are designed to support 8 x 28G NRZ and 8 x 56G PAM4 protocols, and planned to target 8 x 112G PAM4 for the future system upgrades. With the advantages of smaller size and more compact structure, the eight-channel interface supports the signal integrity required for 400Gb/s data rate. It is slightly wider and deeper than QSFP, but it still supports 1 OSFP port on each 36U front panel and 1Tb/s per 14.4U. This series of products support shunt structures of 8-channel SFP56, dual-channel QSFP56 and single-channel QSFP-DD transfer structure, which is also one of copper cable products with the fastest transmission rate.

Zhaolong OSFP cable assembly products comply with the MSA Specification. The MSA Multi-source Agreement defines the OSFP Specification, including mechanical modules, card holders, electrical interfaces, outlets and management interfaces. In the latest version of OSFP MSA, OSFP has already supported 800Gb/s.

Zhaolong OSFP products are provided as follows:


                                      OSFP to OSFP direct attach cables            OSFP to 2QSFP56 branch cables                    OSFP to 8SFP56 branch cables     

Other customized cable configurations are optional 

Support length up to 28AWG over 3m(400G Ethernet)


Test report for OSFP 3m is as follows:


With the development of 5G applications, the bandwidth of the interconnection network for data centers will continue to grow at a high speed in the future. Zhaolong will continue to iterate and expand its product research and development capabilities to contribute to Internet of Everything in the intelligent world!