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400G/200G OSFP

Zhaolong OSFP is a dual-density 8-channel cable assembly that is compatible with 25G/channel NRZ and 50G/channel PAM 4 signaling protocols, and can provide a total bandwidth of 200G and 400G for each cable assembly to meet current and future market needs. Bandwidth port capability requirements
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Product Category

OSFP to OSFP 400G DAC OSFP to OSFP 400G ACC Redrive Cable OSFP 400G  to 2* QSFP56 100G DAC
OSFP 400G  to 8* SFP56 50G DAC OSFP 200G  to 2* QSFP28 100G DAC OSFP 200G  to 8* SFP28 25G DAC

Features and Benefits
Compliant with IEEE 802.3cd (400GBASE-CR8) Standard
Compliant with IEEE 802.3bj (100GBASE-CR4) Standard
Compliant with IEEE 802.3by (25 Ethernet) Standard
Data Rate : NRZ 28G & 56G PAM-4 Per Channel Total Bandwidth 400 Gbps(8X 56G PAM-4)
Interface  Compliant with OSFP MSA
Low Power Consumption < 0.5W (Passive)
Support Wire AWG : 32/ 30 / 28/ 27
Support Length (Passive DAC) : 0.5- 3.0 Meter 
EEPROM Content follow CMIS Standard and can be customized
LSZH Products Available

Target Market
400G/200G Ethernet
8x InfiniBand™  EDR,HDR
Fibre Channel
Storage, Switch, & RAID Systems
High-Performance Computing (HPC)
Network Interface Cards (NIC's)
Telecommunication Equipment
Data Center and Enterprise Storage Systems


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