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SFF-8614 External Mini SAS HD

Zhaolong's External Mini-SAS HD Cable Assemblies product is the for SAS/PCIe storage interface, which solves the multi-channel bandwidth requirements of 6Gbps, 12Gbps and 24Gbps. It supports SAS 4.0 and is compatible with PCI Express. It can be used for PCI Express architecture applications.
  • SFF-8614 External Mini SAS HD
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Product Category

SFF-8614 MiniSAS HD 4X to MiniSAS HD 4X SFF-8614 MiniSAS HD 8X to MiniSAS HD 8X SFF-8614 Mini SAS HD 8X to 2* Mini SAS HD 4X SFF-8614 Mini SAS HD 4X to SFF-8613 Mini SAS HD 4i 

Features and Benefits
Interface Compliant with SFF-8614 Standard
Provide 85 & 100 ohm solution for PCIe & SAS Application
Support SAS 4.0 24 Gbps & PCIe 4.0 16.0 GT/s
Provide 4X & 8X Straight Type
Pull tab colors are customizable
Wire AWG :30/28/26 AWG
EEPROM and Sideband cable are optional

Target Market
Switch, Router, Servers
Storage, RAID Systems
External Storage Data Systems
SAS/SATA/PCIe HBA Interfaces
Direct Attached Storage (DAS)


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