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A Visit to the Global Metro Industry's Innovation Summit

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Zhaolong Takes You to the Global Metro Industry’s Innovation Summit


The 2nd Global Metro Industry’s Innovation Summit was held in Nanjing during July 27th, 2022 and July 28th, 2022.

This innovation summit is planned to lead technological innovation with "dual carbon(double carbon, i.e. carbon peak and carbon neutral)". The summit takes  as the theme, discussing from the aspects of metro vehicle equipment’s technology innovation, intelligent operation and maintenance and health management, new materials and new processes, smart metro and digitalization, etc.

During the summit, we reviewed the history of metro industry in China, with the aim of following the development of technological innovation and looking forward to the future of smart "zero carbon" metro!

Zhaolong provides our clients with network communication cable products for metro vehicles. With strict selection of raw materials, professional production equipment and the support of a strong R&D team,  we are capable of supplying our clients with high-quality cable products that can meet EN 45545-2 standard and TJ/CL 313 standard.

Zhaolong’s cables have the following performance characteristics such as dual oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high flame retardancy, long service life and with no prohibited or restricted substances (which is in compliance with the requirements of the General Railway No. 50 document in China).  Besides, our cables can be applied safely and reliably in PIS systems, WIFI systems, vehicle’s operation and maintenance systems or other occasions.