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Cabling Case | Zhaolong Helped Hotel Indigo Anji Create a "Five-star" Networking Experience

Affiliated to InterContinental Hotel, located in Lingfeng National Holiday Area, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China, Indigo Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel resort. The hotel's design style combines local inspiration elements such as bamboo forests, tea gardens, and Lingfeng mountain, as well as a famous Chinese artist Wu Changshuo's jinshi art.  While taking into account the artistic beauty, the hotels design adopts modern design concepts and advanced technology.

P.S. Wu Changshuos landscape painting combines vigorousness, strength, roughness and simplicity, leaving people with a feeling of gold-stone spirit(i.e. jinshi art).


The hotel has "five-star" supporting facilities such as luxurious rooms and suites with natural charm and modern comfort, cave bars, restaurants, and gyms. In order to provide better services to guests,  the hotels intelligence takes into account of safety, high speed, and reliability of the wiring system.


                                                                                                    Room in the Indigo Hotel

Network Construction of 2000+ Information Points

01 Economy

According to the network application requirements of Wi-Fi points in different areas of the hotel, Zhaolong Interconnect suggested adopting Zhaolongs Category 6A shielded cabling system designed to meet the performance and density demands of 10 gigabit applications and Zhaolongs Category 6 unshielded cabling system designed to meet the performance and density demands of 10 gigabit applications. Our customized cabling solution can economically meet the Wi-Fi network application requirements in different occasions such as hotel rooms, restaurants, lobbies, gyms, swimming pools, villas, etc.


02 Security

The hotel is a densely populated place, so safety first is essential. The flame retardancy, smoke density, and halogen content of various cables in the wiring system which need to be fully considered should meet the requirements of relevant Chinese and international standards to fully guarantee the safety of the wiring system.


With LSZH (low-smoke zero-halogen) sheathed cables that meet relevant Chinese standards for flame retardancy, smoke density, and halogen,  Zhaolongs Category 6A 10-gigabit shielded cabling system can totally meet the safety requirements of hotels for integrated wiring systems , fully guaranteeing the safety of life and property in the hotel.


                                                                Villa Area of Indigo Hotel

03 Scalability

With the rapid development of electronic technology, the update and iteration of active equipment is fast, and the application requirements for network speed are also constantly changing. Thus, the integrated cabling system should fully take into account the changes in network requirements. And at the same time, it should also be able to support certain network application expansion. With an optimized matching design, Zhaolongs Category 6A 10-gigabit shielded cabling system has excellent transmission performance parameters, supporting 2.5G/5G BASE-T network applications and supporting a smooth network upgrade in the near future.


A New Chapter in the Hotels Information Construction

In the hotel field, Zhaolong's rich experience in information technology construction has provided Banyan Tree Hotel in Hangzhou, Changxing Yuanxiang Sun Valley Hotel in Huzhou, Changchun Shimao Royal Hotel, Shaoxing Shimao Holiday Hotel, Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, (Radison) Deqing Yiman Hotel, Hangzhou (Science and Technology City) Cordis Hotel and many other hotels with safe and reliable transmission networks.


Striding over the bustling city and heading towards the mountains, seas and bamboo forests, the Anji Ingedi Hotel project is a new chapter for Zhaolong in the hotel integrated wiring system, and it is also another example of Zhaolong's comprehensive cabling strength.


In the future, Zhaolong will continue to develop in the service industry and bring a safe, high-speed and stable network environment to more hotels!


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