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Zhaolong Assisted JiaDing "Silicon Valley" Project on the Suzhou River (Huazhu Headquarters Park Project) with the Green Information Construction ​

JiaDing "Sillicon Valley" on the Suzhou River, Costing 170 Million Yuan

The 170-million-yuan, "Silicon-Valley" style Huazhu headquarters park is located at Tianchuang Road and Fenghua Road intersection on the banks of Suzhou River (Wusong River) in Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, Shanghai City, China. It is a central surround multi-tower structure building composed of six parts, including R & D headquarters building, RESEARCH and development design building and R & D discussion center. The project officially started construction in August 2019, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 84,000 square meters. ( “Huazhu Group Limited” has recently revised its name to be “H World Group Limited”. The Huazhu headquarters park project includes H World Group Limited’s new headquarters buildings.)


Renderings of Huazhu’s Jiangqiao Headquarters

It is understood that Huazhu headquarters park which bears the Internet research and functions, will further accelerate H World Group’s ICT technology research and development and innovation, promote the hotel industry’s technology, service and management change, further improve the Jiangqiao-town’s business supporting, improve the quality of regional business, promote the development of modern service of Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District.


Renderings of Huazhu’s Jiangqiao Headquarters

As one of China's fastest developing hotel group, H World Group has such as Hanting Hotel,  HiInn, All Season Hotel, Orange Hotel, Blossom Hill Inn, Joya Hotel and other more than 30 well-known Chinese upper-end, middle-class and budget hotels, covering the high, medium and low hotel market in China. And it has achieved premium brand’s hotel brand layout and expansion of overseas markets through the strategic alliance with Accor and the acquisition of Deutsche Hospitality.


Brand List of H World Group

Zhaolong Helps with the Construction of the "Central Nervous System" of the Huazhu Headquarters Park Buildings

For modern buildings, the integrated wiring system is as important as the "central nervous system" in the human body. Without integrated cabling system, informatization and intelligence in buildings cannot be realized; without integrated cabling system, integrated applications of voice, data, image and multimedia cannot get relevant support. It can be said that the quality of the structured wiring system is directly related to the success or failure of the intelligent and informatization construction of modern buildings.


Rendering drawing of the lobby of Building 1, Huazhu Park

Huazhu headquarters park is a "multi-function complex" containing H World Group’s headquarters, industry Internet research and innovation base, financial settlement center, Huazhu university (training center) and demonstration hotels, in view of this, the integrated cabling system need to have high speed, scalability, reliability, security and other characteristics, Zhaolong recommended adopting Zhaolong's S series Class E cabling system solution, S series Class EA cabling system solution and S series high density optical fiber cabling system solution.

  • Reliability

The residential construction area of the headquarters park is about 135,079 square meters, and the commercial construction area is about 2,440 square meters. In addition, the total number of residential households is 394, and the number of commercial office people is far more than 2,500  people. Whether commercial, office or tourism or entertainment groups, high requirements for the stability and reliability of the transmission characteristics of the wiring system of the project. Zhaolong S series Class E and S series Class EA cabling system solutions can perfectly meet the cabling requirements of large area, multi-user and stable signal transmission.


Renderings of the telephone room / independent work station of Huazhu headquarters  

  • Safety

The project is located in the center of the town, with more people in the Huazhu headquarters, which puts forward higher requirements for the safety of the wiring system.

In terms of safety, the copper cable in Zhaolong’s S series Class E and S series Class EA solution adopts LSZH sheath, so fire retardance, smoke density and halogen of the cable all meet the test requirements of relevant IEC standards, and the optical cable in Zhaolong’s S series high-density optical fiber wiring system solution is low-smoke halogen-free optical cable, which meets GB / T 19666-2005, GB 12706.1-2008, IEC and other international and domestic standards. When the cable is burned in case of fire, Zhaolong’s S series optical copper wiring solution can effectively decrease the concentration of smoke and dust and reduce the emission of toxic gas, so as to ensure the safety of life and property of people in the headquarters buildings of Huazhu Headquarters Park.


Huazhu Multifunctional Oxygen Cell

  • High-speed & Extensive

In addition, the project also proposes the need to simplify network settings, management and upgrading, enhance security, reduce future maintenance and operational costs, and support future expansion and upgrading, etc.

Zhaolong’s S series Class E integrated cabling system scheme supports 5 GBASE-T application, supporting multi-gigabit network application expansion; and the ten gigabit PoE cabling system provided by Zhaolong, multi-node link system and multi-node channel system have passed the authoritative certification of several international authorities, supporting for the 1G/2.5G/5G/10GBASE-T and fully meeting the signal transmission requirements of voice, data, video, image and other signals of the commercial office buildings in this project; besides, it can support high-definition monitoring, wireless AP and other devices and ensure the stable operation of the intelligent management system while meeting the needs of future upgrade and expansion requirements; Zhaolong’s S series high-density optical fiber cabling system solution adopts modular design, with the capability of effectively improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance, facilitating flexible networking and management, and facilitating maintenance and construction.


Zhaolong, Deeply Help the Enterprise with their Digital and Intelligent Transformation

Zhaolong Interconnect’s integrated cabling system solutions have continuously penetrated into government agencies, schools, transportation facilities, hospitals, finance, smart factories and other industry projects, providing high-speed, safe and reliable network connection for all industries.

At present, in terms of commercial real estate projects, Zhaolong Interconnect has contributed to Shanghai West Bank International Artificial Intelligence Center, Shenzhen Langjun Plaza, Chongqing Nanping Wanda Plaza, Sunshine City Chongqing Central Park, Sunshine City Cloud Valley Plaza, Shanghai Lotus International Plaza project, etc.

In the future, Zhaolong will continue to work deeply in the field of commercial real estate, deeply help the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises, and provide faster, safe, reliable and intelligent wiring solutions for large, small and medium-sized enterprises.



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