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Maritime Ship

Maritime Ship

As the information transmission medium in the ship, the cable can provide the network communication of the whole ship and the information communication with the outside world. Zhaolong provides customers with perfect marine cable solutions, from CAT5e-CAT7A armored / non armored and other types, with the certification of American Classification Society (ABS), complying with the international standards of IEC60092 and IEC61156, flame retardant performance meeting the standards of IEC60332-3-22 and excellent oil resistance and electromagnetic interference resistance.

Based on its own data cable research and development, Zhaolong developed the CAT7 S/FTP 4X2X23AWG SHF1 marine cable to be used in the ship’s network communication information system. After meeting the main international standards such as IEC61156 and IEC60092, it also has the high flame retardancy of the product. (IEC60332-3-22), oil resistance and low-smoke halogen-free characteristics, SHF2 sheath products have excellent oil resistance and ozone resistance. Marine cable series products are widely used in various projects.

Products Certified by a Third Party

1. Through the strict design scheme certification and factory production capacity certification of ABS, the international authoritative organization, 20 types of non-steel wire braided armored cables and steel wire braided armored cables have obtained product certification, and the cables have been mass produced.

2. The cable produced by advanced physical foaming technology has uniform foaming degree and stable and reliable product performance. By using this technology, the insulation outer diameter and finished outer diameter of the cable can be effectively reduced, which is convenient for cable installation and laying.

3. Using the marine network communication cable produced by the patented Four-head longitudinal cabling technique, 4 pairs of cables are produced with aluminum foil shielding at the same time, which improves the production efficiency, as well as the crosstalk performance and anti electromagnetic interference performance of the cable. The product performance is stable and reliable.

4. The products are selected and inspected in strict accordance with the requirements of international standards IEC60092 and IEC61156. The quality of the products is excellent, which provides a strong guarantee for the long-term and stable use of the cables.    5. The cable adopts the shielding method of aluminum foil and braiding, which effectively solves the interference of external electromagnetic signal on the cable transmission signal and has excellent anti electromagnetic interference ability.

 6. The product has good fire resistance, which can meet the requirements of international standard IEC60332-3-22. The cable has oil resistance, and SHF2 sheathed cable has better oil resistance.

 7. The steel wire braided armored cable can bear a large tensile force, at the same time, it can protect the inner part of the cable armor layer from damage, and it can also play the function of rat bite prevention to ensure the stable transmission of the cable.

Through Field Application and Customer Recognition

According to the research and development advantages of our own data cable, we have developed CAT7 S/FTP 4X2X23AWG SHF1 marine cable is applied to the marine network communication information system.It meets the main international standards such as IEC61156 and IEC60092. It has high flame retardancy (IEC60332-3-22), oil resistance and low smoke and halogen free characteristics. The oil resistance and ozone resistance of SHF2 sheath products are excellent, which can meet the application requirements of harsh marine environment.


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