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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power cables must have low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant and other characteristics, and must have specific environmental resistance (such as radiation resistance, LOCA resistance). The 50Ω nuclear cable provided by Zhaolong has excellent low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant, heat-resistant, radiation-resistant, and electromagnetic interference resistant characteristics.


Products for Harsh Environments

1. The cable has low smoke and can meet the requirements of the international standard IEC61034-2, the halogen-free property can meet the requirements of IEC60754, and the flame retardancy is good

2. The cable has good low temperature resistance (-40 ℃) and high temperature resistance (+ 90 ℃)

3. The cable has good ozone resistance

4. Most cables have strong resistance to electromagnetic interference

5. Irradiation technology is adopted for cable insulation and sheath, and the product performance is more stable and reliable.


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