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ZHAOLONG INTERCONNECT’s Cable Products for the CC-Link Network System

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With the rapid development of computer network information technology, the industrial control system which takes PLC as the core is moving towards network-based direction on a large-scale. At the same time, in order to meet different needs in various industrial automation networks, the number of products are increasing, which can constitute different grades of network systems. And CC-Link open field bus network and CC-Link IE network can be seen as the representatives among them.

The network control system, developed by using CC-Link network and CC-Link IE network, has the following advantages such as real time, openness, complete protection function, high communication rate, advanced network and convenient wiring, etc. Favored by many users, the system has been widely used in the machining center of automobile engine, production line of coating workshop,laser bond, rubber tire, battery equipment, aluminum alloy, draught fan, washing machine assembling, CNC grinding machine,compressor,electronic products and many other industries.

While the network control system has realized centralized monitor, improved the level of automation, it has also reduced the labor intensity of workers and increased the service life of equipment. What’s more, it has saved a great many energy and costs, and at the same time it has greatly improved the production efficiency.

As a professional manufacturer of industrial automation cables and a member of CLPA Association, Zhejiang Zhaolong Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the CC-Link bus cables and CC-Link IE industrial Ethernet cables. We have sent CC-Link bus cables and CC-Link IE network cables to the headquarter of CPLA association for qualification tests. And it turned out to be excellent scores in all the strict tests and we have successfully got the qualification certificate of the CLPA Association. 

  With outstanding production equipment, mature  production process and complete inspection equipment, our cable products are superior to many competitors in stable transmission performance, strong anti-EMI ability, excellent flame retardancy, excellent oil resistance and other characteristics, which can meet CC-Link network system’s data transmission and monitoring requirements. With the overall application of CC-Link network system, our CC-Link bus cables and CC-Link IE cables will be put into various fields of industrial automation, helping to flourish the industrial automation!

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