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"Immunity" of the Industrial Automation to the Epidemic

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In 2020, the breakout of COVID-19 has brought a lot of inconvenience to each of us, and will inevitably exert a certain influence on the economy of our country. This epidemic has also had a significant impact on China's manufacturing industry. Conventionally, a shortage of workers before the start of the year and after the Spring Festival would have led to the production into a state of stagnation. In addition, in order to better control the spread of the epidemic, a series of control measures have been introduced in various places, such as extending holidays, blocking traffic, restricting the flow of people, etc. Such a situation is undoubtedly a further blow to the production and operation of manufacturing enterprises which are eager to start work, especially to the small and medium-sized manufacturers. For some of the traditional manufacturing industries that have been holding a wait-and-see attitude rather than carrying out automation upgrade, their production lines are semi-stagnant or even stagnant, thus they are in great distress due to the restriction on human and the inability to resume work for a long time.


Through this event, we can see that less dependence on human and improvement of  production automation level is an inevitable trend for the development of the manufacturing industry, which is also extremely urgent. In this case, it’s obvious that the manufacturing industry for medical supplies needs most to carry out automation upgrade. Due to the shortage of medical supplies, enterprises must produce the most quantity of products in the shortest time, thus the industrial robots and the high efficiency of automatic production lines become the strong backing for the manufacturing of medical supplies, such as the propulsion of fully automated production lines for masks, robotic the welding of medical beds and ambulances, etc.


In the automation production scene, the cable harness plays a vital role in each link. No matter the stability of data transmission or the accuracy of signal control, it is inseparable from the cable harness. Therefore, high quality cable harness is the key guarantee to realize production automation.


After 27 years of accumulation and growth, Zhaolong is able to provide the best cable harness products in every link of the automatic production system, guaranteeing the high efficiency and stable operation of the production for enterprises to produce high-quality products.

Industrial Ethernet cable

The epidemic will bring about profound social changes and industrial restructuring, leading certain enterprises to upgrading or being eliminated. Changes accumulated in the past through transformation and innovation are expected to completely explode after the epidemic. The era of Industry 4.0, IIoT and AI will be accelerated into the manufacturing industry. I believe that Zhaolong, with its 27 years of focus on cables and its market service concept of “win-win”, will surely win more customers’ trust. The industrial automation cable harness provided by Zhaolong will also be more market-oriented and achieve greater glory !