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The photovoltaic industry has high weather resistance and long life requirements for cable harnesses. Zhaolong provides solutions that have excellent weather resistance, temperature resistance and excellent EMC characteristics to customers,  and provide special customization and saving application space. , Long service life and other characteristics.


Unique D-SUB Assembly

At the beginning of product design, we have fully considered the application characteristics of the photovoltaic industry. Through the optimization of materials and the unique design of the process, the products have good weather resistance and availability.

1. Excellent anti-ultraviolet performance, reliable and durable under high and low temperature environment (-40 ~ 105 ℃).

2. Excellent EMC characteristics, prevent the signal from being interfered by high current and other equipment during transmission, and ensure the integrity and reliability of the signal.

3. One-to-three design for on-site working conditions, greatly saving wiring space.

4. High-quality connector with high-quality cable, long service life.

PV Inverter Application

Our specially designedD-SUB (DB37 Assemblies) cable assembly is used for box-type inverters, connecting the drive motherboard and the inverter unit.

Considering the narrow space of the container body, we integrated the three connectors on the main board side into one to save the wiring space to the greatest extent, which is convenient for customers' highly integrated design of the inverter. At the same time, we use high and low temperature resistant material design, so that the product can work normally at -40 ~ 105 ℃ for a long time. Therefore, even in some high-altitude outdoor applications, customers can use it with peace of mind.


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