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The 19th Nanjing Security Exhibition of Zhaolong Interconnect

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The three-day 19th Nanjing Security Expo was held at the International Expo Center. More than 200 exhibitors from Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and other places showed the latest products and technologies of Smart Security, Smart Police, Smart Home, Emergency Response, etc. Machines take the place of human eyes to make measurements and judgments. Scientific and technological means empowered refined epidemic prevention and control emerged at this exhibition. Machine vision equipment such as artificial intelligence, face recognition, and AI temperature measurement and big data analysis technologies have been unveiled.

The application of new technology and equipment is of course inseparable from the vital link of data transmission. As a pioneer in the data cable industry, Zhaolong Interconnect has launched the CAT6A U/FTP system, CAT6A U/UTP system, and MPO System, SPE single pair Ethernet system in response to the needs of the security market. 


This year happens to be the 20th anniversary of the advent of CAT6. The Gigabit system has crossed over to the 10G system of CAT6A. Zhaolong Interconnect has witnessed this historical change in the whole process. The company’s products keep pace with the times and provide a full range of new equipment for security systems. The software and hardware support required for data transmission is provided.


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