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Zhaolong’s Case | The Powerful Combination of the Integrated Cabling System of Zhaolong Interconnect and the “Artificial Brain” Jointly Promote Shanghai West Bund AI Tower’s Information Construction

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The Location of Hundreds of Billions of "Artificial Brains" —— Shanghai West Bund AI Tower East

Shanghai West Bund International Artificial Intelligence Tower East (AI TOWER) is located in the riverside of Xuhui District. In 2017, the State Council issued a "new generation of artificial intelligence development plan", established the key construction goal that the "AI TOWER" will become the international headquarters of artificial intelligence, laying a solid foundation for the West Bund to become the core carrying area of Xuhui District's hundreds of billions of artificial intelligence industry and AI Tower to become Xuhui District’s landmark of artificial intelligence industry cluster.


In 2018, the AI Tower was selected as the permanent site of the conference at the first World Artificial Intelligence Conference, and it is the flagship project of West Bund Wisdom Valley in Shanghai. In 2020, the West Bund AI Tower industry cluster that takes the Ai Tower as the core became the only strategic emerging industrial cluster in Shanghai commended by the State Council(China's cabinet).

It is known that more than 20 Internet giants or AI industry leading enterprises, including Microsoft and Alibaba, have moved into the AI building, providing a variety of possibilities for the intelligent intersection among enterprises, and the ideological collision of top AI talents.



Zhaolong’s Integrated Cabling System Has a Talent to Help Improve Enterprises’Competitiveness!

With the help of the progress of modern science and technology, computer and network communication technology has developed rapidly, and the application of computer and network communication technology has greatly improved the production/office management efficiency of modern enterprises, thus enterprises can quickly and effectively capture market information and maintain a leading position in the industry competition.

And integrated cabling system is a system specially designed for the adaption to the needs of time development, which is equivalent to information transmission channel (cables and related connectors such as  modules, etc.), can support the information transmission of voices, data, images, videos and monitoring of different areas(such as office, business and leisure) and various multimedia’s applications.


As the WEST BUND AI Tower East is a commercial office complex, its generic cabling system needs to combine high speed, scalability, reliability, security and other characteristics, Zhaolong Interconnect recommended the AI Tower to adopt the Zhaolong’s S series Class E cabling system solution.

Zhaolong S-Series High-performance Class E (Class 6) Cabling System Solution:

  • High Speed and Scalability

The core of smart office is the interaction and exchange of all kinds of information. The cabling system should meet the current transmission rate requirements, and give full account to the extensive and application needs of the rapid development of smart office in the future. The Zhaolong’s S Series High-performance Class E (class 6) Cabling System supports 1 Gb / s applications, supports 2.5 / 5 GBASE-T network application expansion, and supports high-power PoE applications (90W).

  • Security

As a commercial complex, there are lots of people comining to the WEST BUND AI Tower East for shopping, office, tourism, plus the AI Tower lays at the core area of the WS5 development unit  in Binjiang, Xuhui District, its integrated cabling system must have higher security, to fully guarantee the personnel life and property security in the twin buildings. The jacket material of cables in Zhaolong’s S Series High Performance Class E (Class 6) Cabling System are LSZH materials,  thus their flame retardance, halogen and smoke density all meet the standard requirements.

上海西岸国际人工智能中心(AI TOWER)

  • Reliability

The total area of the AI Tower is about 510,000 square meters. The height of the two twin buildings is 200 meters and 235 meters respectively, the height of the lobby is 13.5 meters, and the standard floor area is 2200-2400 square meters (the net height of the floor is 3.0 meters). Therefore, the tower project puts forward high requirements for the stability and reliability of the  transmission of the cabling system. Zhaolong’s S Series Class E Cabling System Solution can perfectly meet the cabling requirements of large area, long distance and stable signal transmission. In addition, Zhaolong’s S Series transmission performance has passed the authoritative third party’s certification.

We Have Been Focusing on the Information Construction in the Field of "Commercial Real Estate"!

Zhaolong Interconnect’s integrated cabling system solutions have continuously penetrated into government agencies, schools, transportation facilities, hospitals, finance, smart factories and other projects, providing high-speed, safe and reliable network connection for all industries.

At present, in terms of the commercial real estate projects, Zhaolong Interconnect has helped Chongqing Nanping’s Wanda Plaza, Sunshine City’s Chongqing Central Park, Sunshine City’s Cloud Valley Plaza, Shanghai Lotus International Plaza, Shenzhen’s Langjun Plaza and other projects. In the future, Zhaolong will continue to work deeply in the field of commercial real estate, and provide more rapid, safe, reliable and intelligent cabling solutions!

PS. The above pictures are from: Shanghai West Bund(Wechat Official Accounts) and other network platforms



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