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Zhaolong 10GigE Cable Assembly, Boost the Development of Machine Vision & Industry 4.0

Zhaolong 10GigE Cable Assembly, Boost the Development of Machine Vision & Industry 4.0

10GigE Machine Vision Cable Assembly, A Reliable Ally for Machine Vision 10G Network

10G network plays a vital role in the field of machine vision. Since machine vision system often needs to process a large number of high-definition images and real-time data, it has extremely high requirements for the speed and stability of data transmission. With its ultra-high transmission efficiency and excellent stability, 10G network can quickly and accurately help machine vision system transmit massive amounts of visual data. For example, in the machine vision inspection system on an industrial production line, 10G network can instantly transmit high-resolution images from the camera to the processing unit, realize real-time inspection and analysis of products, and greatly improve production efficiency and quality control level. At the same time, the precise clock protocol enables multiple cameras to work synchronously and capture precise moments, providing reliable technical support for complex machine vision tasks. It can be said that 10G network is the key support for the widespread application and efficient operation of machine vision.

Because 10G network plays such a critical role in the field of machine vision, in order to ensure 10G network can work stably and efficiently, high-quality data transmission media is of particular importance. 10GigE machine vision cable assembly is just an excellent choice that comes at the right time. It is designed to meet the high-speed and stable transmission requirements of 10G network, uses advanced manufacturing processes and high-quality materials, and has excellent anti-interference capabilities and low loss characteristics. In practical applications, 10GigE machine vision cable assemblies can help realize 10G network, provide a reliable data transmission channel for machine vision systems, and further promote the widespread application and in-depth development of machine vision technology in industrial production and other fields.


Advantages and Features of Zhaolong 10GigE Machine Vision Components

Zhaolong 10GigE machine vision components have the following advantages:

1. Supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission, with high speed and low delay. It uses CAT6A Ethernet cable with its tinned-copper-braiding density of more than 85%, which has strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference and can achieve high-speed, low-latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission. It can support high-speed and stable image transmission, significantly improving the performance and efficiency of industrial machine vision applications.

2. With various types of connectors, the connection is reliable. Currently, Zhaolong's 10GigE machine vision cable assemblies have STR(straight-head) and R/A connectors such as RJ45, M12 X-code, and IX. The screw or M12 thread locking on the end of industrial cameras can effectively prevent displacement and ensure the stability of data transmission.

3. High flexibility. Its high flexibility is particularly suitable for mobile applications and can meet the drag chain and torsion application requirements of 10 million times.

4. Strong applicability. The cables used in Zhaolong’s 10GigE machine vision cable assemblies are UL certified and have excellent oil resistance, cold resistance, and flame retardancy. The M12  connectors can meet the high waterproof and dustproof requirements of IP65 & IP67, and can be used in industrial automation fields such as product quality inspection, visual positioning, automatic classification and identification.

5.Support customized design.


The Market Situation of Zhaolong 10GigE Machine Vision Cable Assemblies

At present, Zhaolong 10GigE machine vision cable assemblies are very popular in the market and have had cooperation with many leading companies in the industrial camera industry. They can be widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronic equipment production, logistics warehousing and other fields. With the accelerated advancement of Industry 4.0 and the growing demand for intelligent production, the market prospects of this series of cable assemblies are bright. In the future, Zhaolong will continue to increase R&D investment and continuously optimize product performance to meet the increasingly diversified and personalized needs of the market, further devote itself into the field of industrial automation, and contribute more to promoting the development of the industry.


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