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Zhaolong Servo Cable Assembly, Designed Specially for Servo System Connection

Zhaolong Servo Cable Assembly, Designed Specially for Servo System Connection

When we focus on the brilliant achievements of modern industry and admire the efficient and accurate automation equipment, we will inevitably think of the "behind-the-scenes hero" of the servo system - the servo cable assembly. The servo cable assembly plays a vital role in the field of industrial automation. It is like the “capillaries” in precision instruments, accurately delivering data and information to every key part.

In the field of high-end manufacturing, a complex CNC machine tool can achieve micron-level processing accuracy, which is inseparable from the stable transmission of data and information by the servo cable assembly.


Definition, Application Characteristics and Classification of Servo Cable Assembly

Servo cable assembly is a type of cable assembly specially used to connect servo systems to realize power transmission and encoding and decoding.

Its characteristics include:

  • High reliability, stable operation in complex working environments, ensuring the normal operation of the system;

  • Excellent anti-interference ability, effectively preventing the influence of external electromagnetic interference on signal transmission, ensuring the accurate transmission of control instructions;

  • Highly-flexible servo cable assembly also has excellent flexibility, suitable for scenes with frequent movement in servo systems, and can reduce failures caused by the damage of cable assembly.


Zhaolong’s Servo Power Cable

In terms of classification, servo cable assemblies can be divided according to different standards.

According to the type of transmission signal, they can be divided into: power cable assembly, encoder cable assembly, control signal cable assembly, etc.

And according to the protection level, there are ordinary-protection-level cable assemblies and high-protection-level cable assemblies to meet the needs of different harsh environments.


Zhaolong's Servo Encoder Cable Assembly

Zhaolong’s Servo Cable Assembly, Designed Specially for Servo System’s Connection

Zhaolong’s servo cable assembly is designed specially for servo system’s connection. It has a wide range of applications, such as CNC machine tools, robotic arms, laser processing equipment, automated production lines, etc. It can connect the servo motor with the encoder to realize the power supply of the servo motor and the precise control of the encoder signal, thus ensuring the accuracy of the equipment operation.


Zhaolong’s Brake Cable Assembly

Zhaolong can provide servo motor power cable, servo encoder cable, brake cable, set-value cable, etc. Zhaolong’s servo cable assembly not only supports personalized customization, but also can be perfectly adapted to servo systems of many brands such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Omron, Delta, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Hechuan, Panasonic, and Leadshine, etc.


Zhaolong’s Set-value Cable Assembly

When facing the challenges brought by the servo system and the harsh working environment, Zhaolong’s servo cable assembly is like a reliable guardian, ensuring the stable operation of the servo system. Zhaolong’s servo cable assembly has the following characteristics:

  • The flame retardant performance of the cable meets the IEC60332-1 standard;

  • It has excellent oil resistance and strong high temperature resistance;

  • The shielded cable products have excellent resistance to external electromagnetic interference;

  • The selected connectors and self-made cable products can ensure that the product has a long service life;

  • Since the product adopts PVC or PUR sheath, the cable assembly has excellent flexibility, and can meet the requirements of 100W-1000W drag chain test.


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