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Zhaolong Interconnect Assisting in Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital for Informatization Construction

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Everything comes back to life in March. Under the correct leadership of the government, the medical workers and the people across the country took immediate actions to fight against the epidemic, and the work has achieved staged results. Zhejiang Zhaolong Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd., being in the first batch of foreign trade enterprises to resume work in Zhejiang Province, actively responds to decision-making and deployment by the provincial party and government. Zhaolong strictly carry out the work for epidemic prevention and control while actively resuming production to fully serve customers.

Information cabling products, as important materials for informatization construction, play an important role in the accurate intelligent control of the epidemic. In order to comprehensively win the fight against the epidemic, the company specially issued a notice requesting all sales offices across the country to pay attention to the progress of the epidemic and get detailed information on the needs of anti-epidemic materials.

Beijing is one of the most important areas for epidemic prevention and control in the country, and also the focus of our company. According to the sales person in charge of the Beijing area, during the expansion and informatization transformation of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, there is a lack of informatization construction materials, and urgent assistance is needed from local enterprises. As the most important institution for treatment and prevention during the SARS period, Xiaotangshan Hospital is aimed to be upgraded into a prevention and control center, to improve the level of intelligence in epidemic prevention and control, and Xiaotangshang Hospital will become the most important reserve force for epidemic prevention and control in Beijing.

The company got in touch with the hospital as soon as possible, mastered the list of materials needed by the hospital, and donated a batch of CAT6 cabling system materials for the hospital’s information transformation through the green channel of the Red Cross in Deqing County, a specially-assigned person is responsible for the after-sales service of products.

On March 3, 2020, this batch of donated materials was sent from the company's production base.

The day of donation


Forklifters were moving the materials to be loaded


When the spring flowers bloom, we’ll laugh together at the sunshine


The volunteers of Red Cross were making an inventory of the materials


Forklifters were loading the materials


Finally, we hung a blessing banner


The goods were loaded and sent out

Arrival of the materials

On March 6, the materials arrived at Xiaotangshan Hospital, and the company received a thank-you letter from Xiaotangshan Hospital for condolences.


The materials arrived at Xiaotangshan Hospital

Zhaolong Interconnect expects Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital to complete the information transformation as soon as possible, and also wishes all patients a speedy recovery and all the people health and safety.