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I want to make Chinese brands stronger

Views: 49     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-13      Origin: Site

I want to make Chinese brands stronger——He Fang, chief expert of Zhaolong interconnect system, accepted an exclusive interview with young talents in Huzhou


He Fang: Doctor of Manchester University, senior member of IEEE, 12 years of experience in cable and connection system industry, and participated in the formulation of 12 international intercontinental standards. Joining Zhaolong interconnect in October 2020 has brought many breakthroughs to Zhaolong interconnect and even the domestic industry.

As the first person in the industry to apply 3D electromagnetic simulation technology to the development of integrated wiring connector products, Dr. He also brought this technology to Zhaolong Interconnect. Because of his rich experience and mature technology, Dr. He is very familiar with developing new products through 3D electromagnetic simulation technology.

“Three rounds of iteration can definitely meet the requirements of international standards. If the simulation is accurate, the design indicators can be achieved in one round." Some time ago, the Category 6 connectors developed through simulation technology passed all parameter indexes after testing the first engineering sample. Last month, they also passed the test of an international third-party laboratory, and the product has entered the market. “In the first quarter of next year, Zhaolong's 6A connector will also be available, and the connector products will reach the international advanced level." Dr. he said that the interconnection system developed by Zhaolong not only meets the requirements of international standards, but also many index requirements have been extended beyond industry standards to explore and innovate in emerging application fields.

For more than a year, Dr. he has led a 14-person R&D and testing team in Zhaolong interconnect. He has completed 7 patents in mainland China and 6 patents in Taiwan,China, and participated in the compilation of 6 national standards and 5 industry standards. He was also hired by the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) as an interview judge certified by international certified engineers this year.

To stand the test of the international market, we must strive for excellence in the pursuit of standards. In Dr. he's opinion, Chinese brands are not technically incompetent, but have low standards and weak craftsman spirit. Today, Zhaolong interconnect benchmarks with international leading standards, develops its own connectors and integrated wiring systems, enters the communication interconnection market, and polishes the Chinese brand by winning by quality.

As the first manufacturer in China to pass the durability test of connector Ethernet power supply, and a rare manufacturer in China with connector testing capability, Zhaolong interconnect is constantly strengthening and optimizing in special applications, industrial and civil fields, and is gradually gaining recognition in the high-end market. "Strengthening the Chinese brand" will also be the goal of Zhaolong interconnect and Dr. he.