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The cable developed by Zhaolong's unique multi-core and ultra-fine coaxial technology provides a cable solution with small volume, light weight and high flexibility for the medical device industry. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of small friction resistance, smooth appearance, wear resistance, pull-up resistance, torsion resistance, stable electrical performance and long service life.

Scalpel line

frequency electrocution in operation

Features: high temperature resistance, soft and flexible, bending and torsion resistance, smooth and round appearance  


Endoscopic cable

The cable is used for medical endoscope and examination of internal organs of human body.

It is suitable for real-time image transmission of minimally invasive surgery, and can be combined with related control functions.

Features: bending and torsion resistance, low friction, excellent electromagnetic interference resistance, excellent stability

High resolution image transmission performance, long service life; products in accordance with DIN ISO 10993

Biocompatibility standard requirements, combined with ultra-fine structure design, can effectively improve patient examination

When the comfort, as well as long-term sterile state.

MRI transmission cable

For connection of magnetic resonance imaging system (MRT),

To achieve image transmission and control functions.

Features: high softness, long-lasting mobility and long life

Excellent anti electromagnetic interference, excellent and stable image transmission performance.


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