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Start a new journey to create a better future(Chairman's speech)

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The company has gone through the course of continuous and stable development in the past. It has been working silently, accumulating little by little, moving forward step by step, innovating and developing, and introducing new products every year. The products are from scratch, from there to the best, from the best to the new, and gradually move towards At the forefront of the industry. From small to large, the company is dedicated, professional, and constantly develops and grows.

2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Zhaolong also provides a lot of room for future development. We must seize the good time between the modernization of the country and the successful listing of our company, and seize development opportunities. In the next five years, we must do a good job in the following aspects.

1. Unswervingly focus on the field of data transmission and connection products within the last 100 meters, focusing on the development of:

1) Industrial dedicated cables and connecting components used in the field of industrial equipment and automation;

2) High-speed cables and connection components for data centers;

3) Wiring system products above 6A;

4) Actively look for the development of related extensions;

2. Take the market as the guidance, innovation and R&D as the driving force for development, and practice the road of science, industry and trade development.

3. Grasp market opportunities and seek further development space, with special emphasis on product expansion. Seek the expansion and collaboration of the industrial chain to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

4. Strengthen the construction of the sales network, lay out the international and domestic markets, effectively promote the sales of its own brands in the domestic market, focus on the promotion of products with development prospects, and provide customers with system products and technical services in foreign markets to improve The closeness of cooperation.

Dear colleagues, the new era has come. We must keep up with the pace of the times. We must have confidence in the industry we are engaged in, and we must be full of hope in the profession we are engaged in. We must carry forward the spirit of strugglers with a positive attitude. With the company's vision and goals, step by step, the era has begun a new journey, and we will create a new future together.