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Rail Transit

Rail Transit

We provide our customers with professional internal and external cable products of rolling stock to accompany the stable operation of the whole life cycle of the vehicle.Zhaolong strictly selected for raw materials, strict requirements for electrical properties and strong R & D team, enables us to provide EN45545-2 testing according to national and international standard and TJ/CL313 standard requirements, double oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high flame retardant, satisfy the service life of 30 years, without a prohibited substance (meet the requirements of the iron general NO. 50) and other strict requirements of product.

High-quality products brought by strong design and manufacturing capabilities


1. The CAT7 cable and CANBus cable produced by advanced physical foaming technology have uniform foaming degree and stable and reliable product performance. Using this technology can effectively reduce the insulation outer diameter of the cable and the finished outer diameter, which is convenient for cable installation and laying.

2. The CAT7 cable produced by the patented four-head longitudinally wrapped cable technology, 4 pairs of cables are produced with aluminum foil shielding at the same time, which improves production efficiency and also improves the crosstalk performance and anti-electromagnetic interference performance of the cable. Product performance is stable and reliable.

3. The ETH cable made by high-end star quad equipment has a small outer diameter, stable performance, light weight and easier bending.

4. The safety performance of the cable meets the requirements of the EU EN45545-2 standard or TJ/CL313 standard of the authoritative organization, and the test results of smoke generation, flame retardancy, and toxicity are all higher than the standard requirements. 5. The cable adopts aluminum foil and braided shielding method, which effectively solves the interference of external electromagnetic signals to the cable transmission signal, and has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

6. The cable has good corrosion resistance to chemical substances, and can withstand IRM902 oil and IRM903 oil. At the same time, it has excellent acid and alkali resistance.

7. The cable produced with high-quality raw materials meets the 30-year service life requirement, has no prohibited substances (in accordance with the requirements of Tie Zong No. 50), and has good combustion heat value.

The Product Passes the Field Verification and the Customer's Approval


1.The PIS system applied to Xi'an Metro Line 5, line 6 and line 9 mainly relies on multimedia network technology, with the computer system as the core,and takes station and on-board broadcasting terminal as the media to provide information services to passengers.


It is applied to the data transmission system of the railway operation and maintenance vehicle of Baoji zhongche times Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. the function of the operation and maintenance vehicle is mainly to carry out troubleshooting and data collection for the facilities along the railway.


The PIS system applied to Guangzhou metro line 18 and line 22 mainly relies on multimedia network technology, takes computer system as the core, and takes station and on-board broadcasting terminal as the media to provide information services to passengers.


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