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Dr. He Fang Was Invited to Participate in the Building Communication Technology Seminar!

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On July 15, 2022, Dr. He Fang, as the chief expert of the connecting system and the laboratory director of Zhaolong Interconnect, was invited to participate in the building communication technology seminar, i.e. the 2022 Seminar of Testing Technology of the Connecting Hardware in the Integrated Cabling System of Building Communication.


The seminar whose topic is "Assisting the Development of MADE IN ZHEJIANG, INTELLIGENCE TESTING Accompanies You" was hosted by AEM China in Ningbo, Zhejiang. This seminar is an annual information exchange activity on testing equipment for integrated cabling, in which all relevant companies and experts in the industry participated.


The seminar can be divided into different sections such as theme exchange, product quality's supervision policy and interpretation in the industry, topic sharing and interaction, RJ45 connector products' promotion and display and other sections.

During the seminar, Dr. He gave a detailed introduction to 8-pin connectors' development and laboratory test in his speech. By interpreting the content of the IEC 60603-7-x series’ product standards and the IEC 60512 series’ test standards for 8-pin connectors, Dr. He detailedly explained all the testing items and all the test theories of 8-pin connectors which can meet the requirements of IEC 60603-7 standard. And Dr. He also mentioned the relevant requirements and test methods in IEC 600512-99-002 for 8-pin connectors used to support Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications.