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Happy 40th Anniversary IEEE 802!

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40 years ago, the IEEE Ethernet Working Group was established to bring Ethernet to mankind! Over the past 40 years, IEEE 802.3 "Ethernet standard" has continuously broken the limits, making the impossible possible, helping us change our lives and playing a huge role in global communications.


In 1983, IEEE 802.3 draft standard was first published to regulate the connectivity of computers, printers, servers and other devices within a local area network (LAN), and then developed into a standard in 1985 to provide users with greater network capacity and and to connect more devices, users, media, and protocols across multiple types of networks. Subsequently, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet has been extended to multiple applications: energy efficiency, global emerging smart grids, data centers and supercomputing, access networks, mobile communications infrastructure, healthcare and medical device communications, entertainment and automotive industries, etc. The infrastructure expansion projects for IEEE 802.3 Ethernet are being deployed around the world to meet the needs of users for the ever-increasing applications in daily life.


Nowadays, no matter where you are in the world, connecting your device to the Internet is a very simple and common thing. A large part of the reason is that IEEE 802.3 has achieved interoperability and innovation. The Internet has not only spawned new ways to work and entertain such as borderless e-commerce, information sharing and community activities, it has also created new business models, created a new opportunity for the global economy and improved the lives of billions of people around the world.


Since Zhaolong was established in 1993, it has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of data cables and connection products, covering network cables, industrial data communication cables, high-speed cables and connection systems. The company follows closely the reform of IEEE802.3 standard, and the core technology develops around Ethernet, constantly breaking the limit from 10M to 800G. Products are widely used in cloud computing, smart cities, 5G, smart buildings, industrial automation and Internet of Things.

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On this 40th anniversary, we sincerely appreciate everyone involved in IEEE802 and IEEE802.3 for their great contribution to the development of Ethernet.