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Industrial Network - Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Industrial Network - Industrial Ethernet Solutions

With the emergence of Industrial Internet 2.0, it has become more and more common for industrial enterprises to build high-performance, service-quality-guaranteed and high-reliability industrial networks in their private parks. Industrial wired access and industrial wireless access are the two main methods. There are dozens of fieldbus protocols in the industrial wired access. Due to the short transmission distance, low data rate and poor anti-interference ability & security, fieldbus is gradually being replaced by industrial Ethernet, which has a high communication rate and a flexible network topology. The mainstream protocols are DeviceNet, Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, etc.


Administrative Areas

The indoor electromagnetic environment is relatively complex and requires attention to various wireless signals, including the mutual interference between Wi-Fi signals.

Production Areas

The environment is complex, and each industry has its own environmental and safety regulations.

Exterior Areas

The environment is relatively complex, which has high requirements on the waterproof performance and wide temperature of the equipment, and requires outdoor cabinet components that support outdoor installation.


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