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Drive & Motion Control

Drive & Motion Control

With the development of the Made in China 2025 and Internet+ trends, China's machinery manufacturing industry is showing vigorous development, not only in the automobile industry, but also in the medical industry, machinery industry, and printing industry. However, with the rapid development of the industry, higher requirements have been put forward for the cost-effectiveness of cables. If you simply use foreign brands, not only will there be a huge challenge to the cost, but there will also be excess performance. Therefore, Zhaolong The series of motion control cables are tailor-made for different sports conditions to create cost-effective products, which truly help customers achieve the goal of reducing production and operating costs and improving product quality.

Superb design and manufacturing  

Laser engraving industry application                                                                  

SERVO series cables are known for their high softness and wear resistance. In addition to the imported PUR sheath material, the design of the cable itself also takes into account the use of drag chains, torsion, bending and other occasions. Generally, the internal cables of the drag chain do not have too high requirements, because the drag chain itself is protected, but the cables exposed to the outside generally have additional requirements for mechanical resistance and oil resistance. The design of SERVO series cables can be used in the environment of laser engraving, providing customers with more performance and safety guarantee.

Rich Solutions 

shielding effect can be achieved. Excellent flame retardant performance, can meet the flame retardant requirements of 60332-1. MC 416 CY: cost-effective drag chain cable, suitable for drag chain applications such as laser,woodworking engraving.

Different from the 410 fixed laying series, the 416 series is our towline cable tailored according to the customer's on-site use after market research. It is suitable for woodworking engraving, laser welding, processing machine tools and other occasions that need to move frequently. The ultra-high cost performance can not only meet customers 'electrical requirements, but also reduce customers' purchasing costs. The jacket material uses oil-resistant PVC, which can adapt to various industrial processing and other harsh environments. MC 710 P: Wear-resistant control cable, suitable for outdoor installation, excellent UV resistance

The control cable with wear-resistant PUR sheath material can be suitable for oil pollution and hydrolysis resistance. Especially suitable for outdoor and other harsh environments, excellent cold resistance and UV resistance. The smaller cable outer diameter can save wiring space, and the excellent sheath material can increase the service life of the cable.

Cable selection in woodworking engraving industry    

With the rapid rise of the woodworking industry, the demand for cables is also increasing. However, conventional control cables cannot meet the requirements of fast-moving applications such as wood carving. At the same time, the sawdust and dust generated by the environment during the operation of the machine will also have a certain impact on the moving cables. This is a test of the ability to select cable materials. Neither the price is too expensive, which leads to increased costs, nor the ordinary materials that cause problems with ordinary wires. The design and application of the SERVO series is born, which perfectly solves the problems encountered by customers on the spot. This kind of problem, while ensuring the performance of the product, also guarantees the product's affordable price.


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