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Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Under the background of Industry 4.0, the transmission of data from sensors, equipment, systems, and factory rooms in smart factories is very important. Zhaolong provides customers with LONGTRONIC® industrial data communication series products, covering different levels of industrial Ethernet cables and various protocols. The bus cable is widely used in various fields such as automobile production lines, machinery manufacturing, CNC machine tools, petrochemicals, etc., allowing data to be transmitted to all corners of the industrial environment in a timely and error-free manner, ensuring the safety and reliability of industrial production.

Extremely Rich Ethernet and Fieldbus Protocol Products 

Zhaolong has always been deeply rooted in data cables and connection products, and has 27 years of R & D and manufacturing experience. Launched LONGTRONIC® series included Ethernet and bus products to provide the most suitable solutions for different industries.

1. Various Ethernet cable solutions: Profinet, EtherCAT, CC-Link IE, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A etc. Cover 100Mb / s, 1Gb / s, 1OGb / s transmission.

2. Different fieldbus solutions: Profibus, DeviceNet, CC Link, CANBUS, ASI, KNX / EIB. 


High-Performance Profinet Connection System  

Zhaolong has always been deeply involved in data cables and connection products, with 27 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. Launched LONGTRONIC® series of Ethernet and bus products to provide the most suitable solutions for different industries. 1. Various Ethernet cable solutions: PROFINET, EtherCAT, CC-Link IE, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, etc. Covers 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s transmission. 2. Different field bus solutions: PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CANBUS, ASI, KNX/EIB.

Automated System Highway-CAT6A

Smart factories need higher speed support. Zhaolong's LONGTRONIC® CAT6A cable can support 10GBASE-T (10Gb / s), and is backward compatible with 1000BASE-T (1000Mb / s) and 100BASE-T (100Mb / s) .

1. Using advanced physical foaming technology, effectively reduce the dielectric constant to improve the performance of the cable and reduce the size of the cable

2. The patented PiMF four-head vertical cable forming technology greatly improves the crosstalk of the cable, and at the same time improves the EMI capability of the cable

3. The special material makes the cable have good temperature resistance and chemical resistance, especially suitable for the harsh environment of the factory.  


The Core Element of Industrial Ethernet "MICE" 

Industrial Ethernet is different from traditional commercial Ethernet. Civil cables will not consider the uniqueness of the industrial environment, such as oil pollution, strong electromagnetic interference, high and low temperature, industrial dust, acid and alkali substances, etc. Therefore, ISO / IEC 11801-1 and TIA-568.0-D make detailed regulations on the installation environment of wiring, called MICE.

M (mechanical problem), I (protection), C (climate / chemical), E (anti-electromagnetic interference).

1. Highly flexible CAT5e and CAT6A products can meet 10 million cycle towline applications

2. Special scheme design can meet the protection requirements of different factory areas, up to IP65 & IP67

3. With a wide operating temperature, the specially designed products can meet the working environment of -60 ~ 260 ℃.

4. PUR sheathed cable is particularly suitable for oily, acid and alkali environments, and can withstand a variety of chemical reagents.

5. Anti-interference design with double shielding and high weaving rate, has good EMC performance, guarantees the reliability and integrity of the signal, and is especially suitable for the isolated island environment of automation.

PROFINET for Automotive Ethernet 

PROFINET is widely used in the backbone network of information and communication in automobile production lines. At the device level, PROFINET connects a large number of field devices, such as distributed automation devices and drive inverters. The PROFINET network integrates the data into the manufacturing cell automation system structure, and connects the man-machine interface, industrial PC, etc. to provide monitoring, parameterization and resource management functions. At the same time, the PROFINET network can be integrated into the entire workshop process environment, including a network infrastructure and application server for each workshop process management.

The automobile production line adopts a unified PROFINET Ethernet architecture, and at the same time is matched with a dedicated PROFINET cable, which saves a lot of cable laying and reduces the cost of engineering commissioning, maintenance, and continuous production. At the same time, it provides 100Mb / s high-speed transmission for the scene.   


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